The cake is a part of weddings from a traditional time. But mostly we have seen white cakes at the wedding right! Now there’s no need to go with white cakes if it doesn’t fit with your style and wedding arrangement. You can go for different styles and colorful wedding anniversary cake.

But for classy and bold looks black wedding cake can be the new and modern choice. You can also make this cake as your selection at your birthday party also. Just order cake online to make your wedding and celebration more stunning. 

You can get more options in black wedding cake. They can be decorated with flowers, designs, gritters, patterns, and many more details that you can choose according to your wedding arrangement and style. The dark color is the best option to glam up the cake with any topping. This will make your special day more charming.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the black wedding cakes that you can add to your wedding or parties

Celestial themed cakes 

This cake represents the dark sky and milky way in space. And decorating it with little light represents the star which will make this cake look just amazing and eye-catching. So if you want this light-up dessert at your wedding then buy cake online with the internet. 

Black wedding cake with flowers

It is a perfect cake to be decorated with different flowers. Any shade of flowers will make the cake look best. The cake with fresh flowers can also go with your theme and decoration that you have done on your special day at your wedding.

Naked black cakes

For flavor lovers, the naked cake can come in many flavors like red velvet, carrot, buttercream, and many more flavors. But here comes the new Balck flavor in which black gel food coloring is used and gives the cake an ultimate look. The decoration of a cake with bright flowers also makes the cake more beautiful.

Mix in white cake

If you want some white touch to your cake then this cake is made for you. The combination of black and white in the cake is a very beautiful contrast and decoration with big blooms can make it more outstanding. As Balck and white is also a traditional color that can go best for your wedding dessert.

Marble style black cakes 

With this style, you can add more color to your Balck cake. The black base with the addition of another color gives it a marble-like texture. Dressing it with blooms or golden leaves can add more effectiveness to the cake. You can make this part of your special day to make it more perfect.

Square black cake 

The cake is always round or in a heart shape. But if you want another shape then you can go for a square black cake with gold detailing on it that will make it a modern cake and also the centerpiece of attraction on your wedding day. The detailing of the cake makes it fit for your day.

Pattern black wedding cake 

The impression of different patterns on the cake of your choice can make it look classy. You can add shapes with golden or with any other color or even with Balck color also this geometric pattern makes your cake extra special and best for wedding or birthday parties. 

Mod and metallic black cakes 

This style can make your black cake more interesting and modern. The black cake is covered with edible copper leaves, fresh ferns, or flowers making your wedding more special. Adding this cake to your wedding arrangement list can be a good choice you can make.

Black cake with bold detailing 

The gold and black combination is just outstanding. Especially the gold texture on the black cake with some natural elements can be the best choice for outside wedding or destination wedding. So if any of your friends is going to have a destination wedding then this can be the perfect present for them. You can send cake online or  make cake delivery in Bangalore also if you are unable to attend the wedding. 

Hollywood glam style cake 

This is the perfect black wedding cake for your special day, especially if you’re having some theme at your wedding. This modern cake is just amazing in itself and can make your guest go wow.