The plant with different colours. The most attractive and bright flowers bloom and give perfection to your bouquets. This flower also has many medicinal uses. You can also send flowers bouquet online to your loved one. This amazing flower variety is also perfect for your garden or pot. You must add a variety of poppies to your home garden so that you can enjoy the summer with these pretty blooms. 

Here I will discuss 10 varieties of flowers that you can add to your bouquet or home garden to make them more attractive.

Lovely oriental poppy (papaver orientale) – Flowers

This is one of the famous poppies with feathery leaves and orange, red, or salmon flowers that bloom in midsummer. So this is the perfect time that you can get fresh and enchanting poppies for your bouquet or you can also make them as part of your garden.

Flanders poppy (papaver rhoeas)

This is also known by its name Shirley poppy. This is represented as poopy of war. The ultimate flower with orange, pink, violet, white and yellow bloom. All these shades in one bouquet can make your bouquet full of colours and fragrances. So you can buy flowers online for a fresh and attractive bouquet. 

Patty’s plum (papaver Orientale Patty’s plum) – Flowers

This flower with the appearance of plum and gives a shade of blueberry with positive vibes in late spring is a good flower for your garden and can also be added with other types of flowers in the bouquet to make the bouquet more attractive with enchanting poppies. 

Black and white (papaver Orientale black and white) 

This can add charm and beauty to any bouquet along with a combination of some other flowers. The contrast of white and black in one flower is just a mesmerizing effect. That can also make your vase good and your home bright. 

Iceland poppy (papaver nudicaule) – Flowers

This short-lived poppy with bright yellow, white, salmon and pink blooms can make the bouquet full of brightness and pleasing. Which can fascinate your loved ones and can also make your garden full of the spark that attracts more butterflies to your garden 

Himalayan poppy (meconopsis grandis)

The sky blue colour of this poppy is so attractive and eye-catching that you will not be able to take your eyes off it. This flower blooms in the Himalayas and you can order them for your bouquet or home vase to make them more enchanting.

Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus) – Flowers

The little poopy with yellow colour and have butterflies appearance are the perfect flower that you can add to the bouquet to make it more perfect with the combination of the other flowers of different colours that will contrast with this yellow bloom.

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

The flowers that bloom from the growth with flowers and sometimes with pink flowers with a yellow anther in the centre make the best combination and this enchanting poppies species is perfect for decoration and for bouquets too.

California poppy (eschscholzia California) – Flowers

The flowers with yellow orangish blooms. These cheerful blooms have silky petals and blue-green leaves that can make your bouquet greenery and orangish. Which is just perfect to make your loved one happy. You can go for fresh and best-quality blooms that can make your loved one perfect one day.

Picotee (papaver orientale picotee)

The double bloom creamy colour flower with an orangish border adds special effects to your bouquet. And this enchanting poppies species is also good to put inside your house in a beautiful vase or you can also grow them in the garden. If you want to send flowers to Mumbai to make your special person feel more special then you can see this at online stores from where you can get the best quality flowers with fresh blooms. 

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