123 Movie Sonic 2: Everything You Need to Know.

Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog (123 Movie Sonic 2) is back to go to the next level and go on a new adventure.

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If it weren’t for Jim Carrey, ‘123 Movie Sonic 2: The Movie could have been an animated film. Or it should have been an animated movie. In essence, it already is. And it is that the Robotnik, played by an unleashed Jim Carrey, is the only human character with something to contribute or something to say that matters to us or is relevant to some extent: The measure of a villain who enjoys his villainy every second of footage.

So far, an obvious once seen its first part: Carrey is the right one to play the role of a cartoon. Given the success of the first installment, it is also evident that this sequel is more of the same. More is not necessarily better, although that matters little when Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and the Robotnik, as mentioned above, come into play. Everything else… is superfluous.

And in addition, they weigh down a set that unnecessarily lengthens up to two hours. This shame for incorporating humans as something more of a background contrasts with the shamelessness of moments in which they are not even in the background. It’s not a great movie, something he is fully aware of and uses to his/our advantage: Instead of being ashamed of what it is like other video game adaptations, he embraces it with joy.

And with love: It feels like the film is made by someone who knows and likes video games, evident even to a server who hasn’t played ‘Sonic’ since the days of the Game Gear. ‘123 Movie Sonic 2. The Movie’ conveys that good vibe of 90s video games that made their pragmatic simplicity their best weapon. A clear and straightforward but well-defined concept: Give Sonic space to run as he pleases.

This sequel accepts and assumes the shortcomings and virtues of the first and enhances them with no pretense other than to offer an even more successful pastime, by harassment and demolition and as exciting as it is disposable More, not necessarily better, but more enjoyable. Because now we know what we are coming for. And those responsible know that we know it.

Hence, this nonsense made into a movie works surprisingly satisfyingly: They delight us with the nonsense we were expecting to find.

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