25 Reasons and Benefits for Using Security Cameras in Businesses

In terms of the security and safety of your company security and surveillance cameras are essential. Here are the top 25 benefits of video surveillance as well as compelling arguments to justify why, even if your company does not possess a security camera for video surveillance camera, you ought to look into it.

1. Security Cameras Improve Overall Security

Security cameras installed within a company can protect against burglaries and thefts. Businesses are four times as likely to be burglarized than an apartment.

2. Video surveillance can help prevent Shoplifting and Theft

Security cameras for businesses, well located, can stop theft. Did you know that 64 percent of small businesses suffer from employee theft? Across the country, small companies lose an average of $25,000-$33,000 per minute to shoplifters

3. Prevent Fraud

A typical company could be able to lose as much as 5 percent of its earnings due to fraud

4. Video Surveillance can help to prevent employee theft

A majority (80%) of burglaries occurred in companies that had less than 100 employees. more than half of them had less than 25 employees.

5. Improves Safety Guards

Smaller businesses are more prone to theft by employees. This is due to the fact that there are less security measures in the place

6. Guards against Burglary

60.5 percent of burglaries involve forcible entry. A lot of people think that burglaries are “crimes of chance. But, the statistics prove that many burglaries are forced entry (breaking windows and doors, breaking locks, throwing through doors and so on.). A security system that is well-designed with surveillance cameras, is an effective deterrent for such crimes.

7. Increased Perception of Concern to ensure the safety of customers

An investment in a reliable security system that includes a security 3 point slinger for camera can show your customers that you are concerned about their security and safety. It will improve their perception of your company

8. Increases Security Outside for employees and customers

Security cameras that monitor video security guard your employees, both directly as well as indirectly. When they are placed in company parking areas and even outside of the building, they are able to detect suspicious activities and permit security personnel from the company or other employees to ensure that the safety of employees when they get to their cars.

9. Security Cameras can reduce the Chance of Vandalism

Businesses pay both directly and in indirect ways for vandalism. As per the U.S. Small Business Administration, an incident of vandalism is estimated to cost $3370. The use of 3 point slinger for camera that are visible has been found to lower the threat of vandalism and violence at businesses significantly.

10. Enhance employee productivity and business operations

11. Increases Sales

Video 3 point slinger for camera can assist you in selling more products in the retail shop. How? They make it simple to monitor patterns of customer traffic throughout your company. This lets you shift inventory and alter your inventory to take maximum advantage of “natural” areas that are a lot of traffic.

12. Peace of Mind 24/7 of Mind

Continuous real-time monitoring IP remote surveillance permits employees who are authorized to monitor important business areas constantly, in real-time, from virtually any location.

13. It can help avoid legal claims and Fraud

Beware of costly legal costs resulting from fraud or dishonest claims. One of the biggest worries for businesses is the possibility of being accused of being sued. If an injury, accident, or any other legal problem occurs on-site footage can demonstrate what actually happened.

14. Business Compliance

A variety of business types need a video surveillance system in place in order to be in compliance with the HIPPA as well as SEC regulations, in addition to the internal policies of their company.

15. Security Cameras Help Law Enforcement

Videos of surveillance cameras are among law enforcement’s most powerful tools for criminal activities involving business, including vandalism and theft

16. Is it cost-effective and scalable?

Video surveillance is affordable and expandable. As your business expands expanding and adding more cameras to your existing network is simple and affordable.

17. It keeps track of every activity in Your Business

Video surveillance safeguards employees in indirect ways by monitoring all visitors who enter the premises and keeping a record of their activities.

18. Security Cameras Can Reduce the Need to hire additional security personnel

Because managers, employees and supervisors aren’t able to be all at once A video surveillance system can monitor productivity without the cost of hiring more staff.

19. Video surveillance could boost your business Profits

An Bloomberg Business study of the consequences of surveillance in 392 restaurants revealed that when action camera microphone attachment for surveillance were installed and working, restaurants experienced an increase of 22 percent in theft, and 7 percent more profit.

20. Monitoring Customer Transactions

Retail establishments utilize video surveillance to track the transactions of customers. For instance when a client states that they purchased an expensive item but doesn’t have an invoice, or employees were unfriendly or misinformed Video surveillance records can help determine if they were in the shop at the time of the incident and also what exactly transpired.

21. It’s a good business idea. Sense

Video surveillance is a good tech for business sense since, the majority of time, when you’re an owner of a business, or leader, cannot be at more than one spot at the same time. Video surveillance allows you to have the ability to see your company when you require it, all hours throughout the year.

22. Security Cameras Can Protect Against Robberies

Burglaries and robberies are up 8.6 percent from the year 2016.

23. Video surveillance can help reduce monetary Losses

The cost for a shoplifting-related incident increased to $559.

24. Take proactive steps to prevent shoplifting

60% of suspected shoplifters were found in at least two different stores of the same chain.

25. Recognize the signs of theft and stop threats before they occur

20% of suspected shoplifters were reported to have visited at least three stores of the same chain.See more articles on reactnews

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