5 cleaning hacks you need to know!

You know that keeping your home tidy is essential. Perhaps your parents taught you this value, or maybe you feel compelled to use the mop due to cultural pressure. However, does it matter if you let your house become disorganised?

A clean home has some health advantages that have been supported by science. On the other hand, allowing your house to become unkempt and disorderly can harm your physical and emotional health.

It would help if you occasionally had a little prodding to start forming healthy habits. We’ve got you covered with lemon and dreame vacuum – here are hacks to ensure your space stays spick and span.

1.    The magic of lemon

Lemon juice, which contains many citric acids and has an antibacterial effect, is one of the most fantastic natural cleaners. Lemons have a wonderful scent and won’t likely harm the fabrics or wood that may be around the object you are cleaning.

Use warm water having freshly squeezed lemon juice in it to remove the caked-on crud as well as unwanted crust.

When using a kettle or a non-stick pan, things are bound to get greasy and trap dirt. Grease, water stains and even burns can be easily removed using boiling water and lemon. Lemon is excellent for cleaning even sinks and tiles when they get unpleasant and dirty.

2.    The robot help

Vacuum cleaners are also quite straight-forward and simple to use. Thereby helping one save their time and energy. They have suction motors and filters to draw in dust and grime. Vacuum cleaners can be categorized into hand-held, vertical, canister, and robot categories like the dreame vacuum.

By removing dust, filth, dust mites, and mold from your home, vacuuming helps to get rid of numerous dangerous allergies. It immediately shows improvements in air quality, sleep quality, mental wellness, and even the health of your skin, hair, and eyes!

3.    Mould

The heat and humidity in Australia are bound to encourage some mould growth. Although it might not seem powerful enough to stop mould, vinegar is the best trick in the bag.

Bleach is a common ingredient in solutions designed to remove mould, and it does seem to work. Even if it appears to have been eliminated, mould is still there since bleach only removes the colour of it rather than killing it.

The best equipment for the process is a mixture of 80% vinegar and 20% water, three buckets, and a microfiber cloth. Remember not to combine vinegar and bleach—the resulting deadly chlorine gas.

Before spraying, understand more about eliminating mould because it is a complex problem.

4.    Coco cola as a toilet cleaner 

You read that right! It may sound fake, but many believe Coke removes toilet rust rings. Let the bowl remain for at least an hour to allow the soda to dissolve the stains, then wholly coat the rim with a can of soda.

Coca-Cola should do the heavy lifting when you pour it around the toilet bowl’s sides. Use a toilet brush to clean, then leave the soda in the bathroom overnight.

Your toilet will look new when you flush the fizz away the following day.

5.    Mattresses!

It’s worth taking good care of your mattress because you spend a third of your life on it. It is recommended to clean out your mattress around twice a year.

You generally need a few common household materials to complete the task. You can cover the entire mattress with baking soda. Baking soda is the next best thing if you can’t leave your mattress outside in the sunshine and open air.

Then use your dreame vacuum and repeat until it is clean as new!

Bottom line

A plan might help make things seem more doable, whether you have an enormous cleaning assignment to complete or if you feel overwhelmed by the daily activities. Use the tricks to perform little daily tasks rather than a thorough cleaning only sometimes. You’ll be able to keep up with the cleaning.

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