5 Design Ideas to Make Your Kitchen More Functional

Whether you view cooking as a means to an end or as an art form that needs to be revered, your kitchen space needs to suit your needs. Having your kitchen done as shown in an interior design will only make it aesthetically awesome. If you need the kitchen to meet your daily needs, you need to invest time in thinking about the location of each fixture and organizing the space. Be it the addition of leather woven bar stools or a bakery-style oven, functionality should be the top priority.


Find the Right Location

During any other time of the day, getting more steps in might be something you look forward to. However, this is a counterproductive decision in the kitchen, so make sure to design and organize your kitchen to reduce the movements you will take. For instance, imagine what will happen if you place your sink, dishwasher, and drying rack on three sides. When you make smart choices like arranging all your coffee or tea-related items such as a filter, mugs, tea leaves, or coffee grounds close to the kettle or coffee machine, you will save so much time by cutting out the back-and-forth movement.


Keep Traffic Away

No matter what kind of cooking you do, interruptions to your movement while working irk people immediately. Most homeowners need to think about traffic in the kitchen while designing the space. If you don’t want to bump into others or pull a parkour move to avoid getting scalded by someone else, carefully consider how traffic will flow in the kitchen. Prioritize wider walkways and ensure that key appliances like the stove or the oven are not in the busier sections. Planning your kitchen with an island at the center is the easiest way to keep the traffic



Benefit of Height

If most of the action in your kitchen involves heating food, then your oven needs due attention. It would be best if you made sure that the appliance is at a height that is accessible. Some people may prefer a more kid-friendly kitchen than others. For these people, factoring in the child is also essential. The same goes for the kitchen sink. If the kitchen sink is not at an optimal height, you will strain your body while cleaning and filling up utensils.


Multipurpose Countertops

By some stroke of luck, you have ample counter space. Consider breakfast counters if you don’t know how to fully use the room without making it look messy. Adding a couple of leather woven bar stools next to the island allows you to transform the kitchen from solely meant for cooking to a hangout spot and a space for family bonding.


Landing Space

Think of the times you burnt your fingers because you had to hold on to a tray from the oven for an additional two seconds. Now, think of ways to avoid such situations. By allocating spaces near the appliances like your cooktop or range, you can quickly pull out hot dishes and transfer them to a surface without hurting yourself. Such areas also avoid spillage when you have to get something into these appliances.


Final Thoughts

With a few thoughtful touches here and there, you can take your home from being a fundamental property to a highly valued one in the market. Having your dream home becomes even better when the space is functional.

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