5 ways to wear crochet this summer according to the street style.

If there was a dress code for Copenhagen Fashion Week, it would probably state that wearing a crochet garment or accessory is a must. Because although this fashion week is characterized by its originality and color – Danes always know how to set their trends – it seems that this edition everyone has agreed to bring their favorite crochet pieces to the streets. And not only in the most classic ways that we can imagine –like those bikinis that became so fashionable a few years ago–, but also betting on all kinds of outfits, of course, perfect for summer.

Because although crochet is not the first thing we think of when we want to build a light summer look with which to survive high temperatures, the street style of Copenhagen has shown that there are many different ways of wearing it, suitable for both those who a little more ‘warmer’ garments can be allowed –hello, vacationers from the north–, such as for those who can only withstand the heat with the minimum expression of a piece of clothing. Here are five alternatives to lead the trend:

From the beach to the city: a dress

Crochet dresses have become a real staple this summer, highlighting their ability to adapt to different plans. To wear on the beach when you go to the beach bar? Perfect. To walk around the city with flexible, comfortable, and light coverage? Check. The keys here are very simple, because the most important thing is to find pieces to wear underneath that you feel comfortable with (keep in mind that these types of dresses are usually transparent), be it a bikini, a swimsuit, or a bodysuit, depending on the context. . Of course, it can be long-sleeved in colder environments or without them, to better withstand the heat, but always long to the feet. pro tip: If you want to accentuate your waist, a wide belt or fanny pack is a great idea.

Conjunto coordinado de crochet

In a coordinated look

Is it possible to take traditionally warm fabrics and turn them into the perfect summer look? If possible. The key is to reduce your coverage to the minimum expression. We saw it with coordinated knit looks last season, and this year it’s the same with crochet garments. A jacket that only covers the sleeves and a (very) miniskirt are the perfect outfit to complement an already tiny top, forming the perfect balance. Cover, but does not give heat.

Very easy: in a bag

Crochet bags have become the most sought-after accessory of the season. Not only for adding texture and an interesting point to any look but for being light and easy to combine, as well as including that touch of the trend without adding (hot) layers to our style. They can be found in different designs and colors, although you can always make it your holiday do-it-yourself project.

On a top or vest (layered)

As it is a transparent fabric –depending on how close the stitch is, it will cover more or less–, it can become the perfect piece to play with overlapping. For example, with a top that adds interest to a summer dress. To do this, choose a crochet garment full of color or with an asymmetrical design so that it stands out from the rest of the look. Another option is to opt for the popular vests, which can complement a basic T-shirt or shirt.

A hat or cap (with double function)

Crochet hats or caps are the alternative accessories to wearing crochet (and one of the favorites of Danes). They undoubtedly add a cool factor to the look and, at the same time, they become the ideal accessory to keep the sun at bay and prevent it from hitting us directly on the head. It can be a more closed design, as we have seen in street style, or a bucket hat silhouette if we want a more summery design.

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