Exhibitions or trade shows are one of the most cost-effective ways for various exhibitors to promote or publicize their products in front of their target audience. Every exhibitor comes with an aim of spreading brand awareness, attracting new leads, and having the most innovative exhibition stand design. Various big companies and startups spend a huge amount to get the most noticeable and engaging trade show booth design. However, if your exhibiting goals are not clear, the selection of exhibition stand design will be very vague.

An exhibition stand contractor can easily help you design a noticeable and engaging exhibition stand. Read till the last to know about one of the leading exhibition stand contractors.

To help you understand and create an engaging trade show booth design, remember these few tips:

Follow the 3Cs Rule:

There are 3Cs that need to remember while designing your exhibition stand, Clear, Consistent, and Concise. A confusing trade show display will confuse the audience as well. If you don’t have a clear motive for exhibiting, a chaotic exhibition stand design will be made. Ensure that every element on your stand or the way you brief your staff is Clear, Consistent, and Concise. So, that the same is communicated further to the visitors. Follow the rule of 3Cs to have a noticeable and engaging exhibition stand.


Create Extraordinary Entrances:

Ask your exhibition stand contractor to focus on creating an unforgettable trade show booth design entrance. A stylish and brand-specific entrance delivers a better user experience. For instance, you can use bright lights or digital touchpoints that will help attract and appeal to a larger audience and generate higher leads.


Know your competition:

If you are determined to have a noticeable and engaging trade show booth design, then you should know your competitors, basically your floor neighbors. Before deciding upon your final exhibition stand design, ask the organizer for a floor plan, and know your floor neighbors. Check out their past stands and analyze their strategies. Then, work on how you can be different from them. Building something unique and different ensures a noticeable and engaging trade show booth.


Custom Displays for main products:

If you have a budget, then do get a custom display to display your main product. If you are exhibiting to launch a product, displaying your hero product is the best way to showcase it. Add some extra features like LED lights of any color to add that extra effect. Or you can even design your trade show booth design according to the shape of the product to emphasize its key feature. There is another way to showcase the main product, to add some mechanical components, which will emphasize on how your product works. With the addition of this extra feature, your exhibition stand design will be noticeable and engaging.


Follow the latest trend:

Every exhibitor wants to stay ahead of their competitors, and simply having an engaging trade show booth design is sometimes not enough. You have to stay ahead for the right purpose. Be updated with the trends of the stand design industry and then implement your booth design ideas. Furthermore, the stand graphics should be related to your marketing campaign and explain your business.


Advertize yourself:

Every exhibitor has come to an exhibition to get noticed, therefore, it becomes quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. Hence, you should advertise yourself. If you have a budget, include props, giveaways, and banners. Hanging banners are a great way to make yourself noticeable in the crowd. Banners visually complete the custom exhibition stand design and can be seen even from a faraway distance. Although, banners are quite expensive, however, they are a great way to attract one’s attention. Then, you have giveaways. Give something that is creative and memorable. This is great for interacting with customers. In order to engage your audience with your trade show booth design, you can even add props. There are standard props that can be hired anytime, then there is a custom prop that is made especially for your brand. Props will help advertise yourself better on the exhibiting floor.

These were some tips that will help your brand have a noticeable and engaging exhibition stand design.

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