75% of the Twitter staff could have resigned: the debacle is just around the corner

The problem with ultimatums is that there are times when the exact opposite of what you expected happens. This is quite likely to have happened to Elon Musk and his email asking the remaining workers (because he hadn’t been fired) to commit to “hardcore work.” Still, it backfired on him, as Most of the employees have decided to resign, and now the end of Twitter is something that nobody ruled out.

Jack Dorsey, former CEO and founder of Twitter, was dead wrong. And you may not know it, but he was the first to put Musk’s name on the table. “Elon (Musk) is the only solution I trust,” he said in a tweet. From this moment, things have only gone downhill and without brakes for the social network that has not stopped being news in recent weeks.

And is that after the layoffs of thousands of employees from one day to the next, verifying payment, and the confusion that it generated with the impersonations in addition to the continuous ups and downs and disagreements with the remaining workers, Musk’s reign on Twitter seems to be living its lowest hours.

This is mainly due to an email he sent to workers asking them to commit to “hardcore work,” a technique for productivity according to Musk, which sounds more like a bashing of workers’ rights. But the tycoon was direct, whoever wants to commit should say yes, and the rest are fired, the email explained.

Musk had already done this technique in his other companies (Tesla and Space X) and thought it would also work for him on Twitter. However, various reports say that around 75% of the remaining 3,700 workers have decided to leave.

If it was already said that this number of employees was going to complicate the proper functioning of the app, now that they are estimated to be around 1,000, many see this as the end of Twitter. Since everyone who has left fulfilled an almost vital function, if a failure occurs, it will not be possible to solve it.

At the moment, Musk is calm in networks answering users saying, ” The best are staying, so I’m not super worried, “and has even uploaded the odd “meme” about the end of Twitter. We presume he is trying to show the world that he is calm and not worried, but it is hard to believe.

And is that less than a month ago, the company had 7,500 employees, and today, it is said that there are only 1,000. Things are not going well. Twitter has closed all its offices until Monday (we’ll see if they reopen).

Although it is also true that these leaks have not yet materialized and that all workers continue to have access to their systems, so it is possible that the shock is not so great; even so, the company’s shareholders should not be at all happy, like the millions of users that the platform has.

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