A Complete Review AdvancedMD EMR Vs Elation EMR

Both these software are very effective at performing the EMR functionality that is required by their customers. They provide their customers almost the same services, with just very little difference. These software companies offer attractive solutions to medical businesses. They streamline their medical operations and increase their productivity. Their customers are also extremely happy with the features and the tools they are provided with. And their customers also advocate the performance of their software a lot, and hold them in very high regard. Let us compare them and see for ourselves.

Advancedmd EMR Software Featurette

Advanced MD EMR is a unified suite of software which is cloud based. The solutions that this software designed for mental, physical and medical practices. The software serves organizations and independent physician practices of multiple sizes. Some of the features of the software include practice management, electronic health records, medical billing, and many more. Its financial analytics and business intelligence reporting work together to automate medical practice workflows. With its physician dashboard the charting and prescriptions can be done from a centralized location and removes a lot of the hassle. The charge captures in the software occurs during the charting process without billing staff needing to copy or paste. Using automated functionality of the software the insurance eligibility verification for next-day patients runs automatically. And it also alerts staff of the hospital of potential issues. The Intake and consent forms for the patients are sent through a patient portal and automatically collected into the patient chart. That enhances the overall health care experience for the patients.

Handful Of the key features of Advancedmd:

  • Practice Management.
  • Patient Scheduling.
  • Billing & Invoicing.
  • Compliance Tracking.
  • Self Service Portal.
  • E-Prescribing.
  • Charting.

AdvancedMD EMR Demo and How to Request It?

Requesting the demo from AdvancedMD is pretty easy and straightforward. The customer has to go onto their official website and fill out a form. Afterwards, the sales representative will reach out to the customer and guide them through the software and its features. AdvancedMD does offer a free trial for the software.

AdvancedMD EMR Pricing and How to Get the Best Deal?

The pricing of AdvancedMD Insight is not available on their website. The company tends to offer custom pricing for the software and its features according to each customer requirements. Not making the pricing available to the public is part of their pricing technique and it paying pretty well. The company also does not offer free version for the software.

AdvancedMD EMR Reviews and How They Look?

AdvancedMD is very well reviewed on the internet and majority of the reviews are on the positive side and advocated the software really well. The software rated 3.6\5 at capterra.com based on ‎422 user reviews. It is also rated 4.1\5 at getapp.com based on ‎82 user votes

Elation EMR Software Outline

Elation EMR is a cloud-based software that is clinically focused on electronic health record solution. The software is mostly intended for physicians looking for a well certified EMR software that goes along with its many features. Some of the patient-oriented features include patient portal, patient scheduling, e-prescribing etc. All the solutions can be accessed through multiple number of platforms. Elation is best suited for users who deliver longitudinal care and who are focused on small set of groups in primary care facilities.

 Elation is three-dimensional view of the health record gives its users a full view of the patient’s medical history and treatment. While using this software the physicians can receive and share patient information like the labs results or consults. Users can also add referrals to other specialists or collaborate between different health care provider. This feature eliminates data entry pile ups and makes sure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. The software can also offer telehealth though various means like phone and PC devices. The software is mostly catered for many communities of independent primary care and it aids them in navigating through challenging tasks. The software also supports their profession and innovate new way to deliver the highest results.

Some of the key Features of Elation Health:

  • Compliance Tracking.
  • E-Prescribing.
  • Appointment Scheduling.
  • Medical Billing.
  • Scheduling.
  • Reminders.
  • Client Portal.

How to Get Elation EMR Demo?

Requesting demo from Elation is very straight forward. All the customer has to do is go onto the company’s website and fill out a very simple form. Afterwards the customer care representative will reach out and inform the customer about the features and operational parameters of the software. The company does not offer any free trial of the software.

How to Navigate Through Elation EMR Pricing?

Elation does not offer the pricing for the software on their website. Which is a part of their pricing and marketing technique. The customers can go onto any third-party vendor and ask for a pricing quote for the software. There is not free version of the software being offered.

How do Elation EMR Reviews Stack Up?

Elation is very well received on the internet, with most reviews are on the good side. The software is rated 4.5\5 at softwareadvise.com based on ‎47 user reviews. It is also rated 4.4\5 getapp.com based on ‎47 user votes.

Major Cons of Each Software



  • The software’s implementation is a hassle. 
  • The software is overpriced compared to competition.  
  • The software’s customer support could be better because it is unresponsive.  
  • The software has some features that are lacking functionality.


  • The software’s customer support is sometimes unresponsive. 
  • The software lacks customization options. 
  • The software has complex patient engagement feature. 
  • The software’s file storing feature is very bad to use.

Future Prospect of Each Software

Each of these software companies have taken the required measures to ensure their future success. These companies are heavily investing in various different ventures all the time to maximize their future plan’s feasibility. They are opening new facilities and customer support centers in new regions to broaden their reach and customer base. By doing this they are also increasing their presence in the EMR market. These companies are further developing their software by adding more tools and features to platform.


Both these software are very good at providing EMR solutions. They are really great for their intended purposes. But in this situation, when one has to choose one, that particular decision is completely on the customer. They are the ones who are going to be using it on daily bases. So, the final decision should be of the customer and no one else. What they need to do is evaluate themselves, and then come a conclusion. They should judge what are their requirement and needs. And keep their budgetary constraints in up in the list, not choose what can and cannot afford in the long run. So, to sum it up, the company should choose the software that is best suited for their operational models.

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