Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore are there to make an extra source of income. That additional income can help in paying off the expenses for your tuition and the other expenses that are incurred during the time of your stay. Many students want to know what kind of Part-time jobs near me are available for them.


The part-time students can work for less than 35 hours per week.


Things to keep in mind in the contract of service


The part-time students will have to clarify these points like


  • Pay for per hour
  • The gross rate of pay per hour
  • Working hours per day or per week
  • working day per week or month

If any of these above points are missed by the employer when the contract is getting signed, you can inform them about these points later.


One of the main things to know is that students doing Flexible part-time jobs in Singapore also get paid overtime. There are two options to keep in mind and are as follows:


  • Students get overpaid when their shift gets exceeded by the working hours. But it is less than the working hours of your employer’s working hours.
  • Students’ overtime pay increases to 1.5x times when the shift increases to more than normal working hours.


Also, you have the option of getting one day off per week. All the public holidays are off for you with the pay checked for how many hours you have worked.


The places to find part-time jobs 


There are many places to find Part-Time Jobs for students in SingaporeBut it is important to understand the skill you possess and the kind of job you are looking for to work.


As a student, you can reach out to companies directly for an online job by sharing your resume for part-time jobs. Many online groups focus on providing Flexible part-time jobs in SingaporeMany online websites offer students part-time jobs, and these websites have great companies lined up to give the students jobs.  


Recruiting agencies are also a great place for students to reach out to get part-time jobs. The agencies will work on finding the jobs related to your resume and show you the list of available jobs. So that you can select the job and apply for the same. The important thing to understand is that they will take a commission for their services.


Kind of jobs that are available for students to work part-time. They are as follows:


Packaging jobs: This job requires manual labour and lifting and dropping at another place. This job is usually for males and requires one to work for odd hours. A transport facility is provided for the employees to go to the warehouse. The skills required for this job are that you have to be capable enough to lift any load. You have to be fine with working for odd hours. You can get great attention to detail. The students can earn around 10 to 12$ per week.


Sales Staff: It is the easiest job to get started with for working. There is no need to have a particular skill apart from handling customers in the right way possible. For that also, students will recieve training for the same. The most important skill can handle any customer. Also, to have a great amount of patience to look after customers. The pay is around 10 to 12$ per week on weekdays and 12 to 15$ per week on weekends.


Brand Ambassadors: Becoming a brand ambassador is very different as there is no need to have a lot of followers. The big brands will start to approach you if they find that your personality matches their product image. You will have to be good at networking and attend many events to achieve this point in your life. One who can network with others and is open to any communication. Also, comfortable to do writing work if required to get the work done. The students earn anywhere around 15 to 20$ per post that they create. Develop the skills like building an online presence.


Tuition teachers: It is one of the highest paying Part time jobs near me to help you earn a decent income by offering your services. The rates will keep varying based on the subject and the amount of experience you have. The main thing is that student tutors have to prepare their study material beforehand for the students to learn and understand. The tutors need to be excellent in the subject they plan to teach their students, and the focus will have to be to clear all their doubts. Students will have to be good at communication, have a confidence level and be patient enough to handle any issue with the subject. The pay scale will be around 20 to 40$ per hour.


Emcees: Did you ever get an opportunity to become a speaker for your school or college. It is the same as an emcee. You will have to control the event and the audience by speaking about everything related to the event. The important requirement is to have a lot of confidence in oneself and dress to impress the audience. Also, to be able to speak continuously and think on their feet. The pay is anywhere around 40 to 50$ per hour.


Admin assistant: Any student wanting to gain a good corporate experience, this is the best opportunity to get the experience. There is not much skill required for any student to work, but a very positive attitude and a very important to learn new things on the job. The job is very basic to help handle admin-related tasks in the office. The most important thing is to have a basic knowledge of Microsoft excel, eagerness to learn new things and learn the job’s minutest details. The students can earn anywhere around 10$ per hour.




Part-Time Jobs for students in Singapore are there to change the way students can benefit from earning online. There is a great demand for online jobs ready to recruit students based on their profiles.