Amazon’s best-selling bra

Not all women seek the ‘push-up’ effect or the foam with some padding in the cups of our bras. However, this type of lingerie is the most common in stores, those that are designed to mold, lift and increase size. However, what many women are looking for is a simple design, and if it is beautiful, much better, that has a reducing effect so that the most fitted garments feel better. In this case, there are usually 1 or at most 2 models per store, except for specialized firms, in which the quality is superior, but the price is not so affordable. Although we defend the fact that you have to invest in lingerie because it depends a lot on how the dress, top, shirt, or jumpsuit feels on you afterward.

Now in summer, the thing is more necessary if we want the freshest clothes to look better, or at least as we believe it is. And in many of these cases what we are looking for is that they have a reducing effect, but at the same time make them appear firm and comfortable and breathable to wear with everything. One of the Spanish Instagrammers that we follow, Area Louro, is one of the few with a large bra size, and for this reason, many of her followers identify with her and constantly ask her about her bra model, and what size and brand. . Of course she has not hesitated to share it, one in particular, although she also affirms that she uses more brands, but that the best of hers from her point of view is the reducer bra from the firm Delimira. A firm that is not only sold on Amazon but is the best-selling and most valued model in its online store.

With 4.5 stars out of 5, most users say that it reduces and feels good, and although the biggest questions are about the size, it is also true that they have an online size guide that can be very helpful. Or if not, look at specific items to find out what size is yours. Area shared the ideal trick to knowing your size:

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