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Your pet needs regular grooming to stay clean and healthy. Matted fur is not only unsightly but also very painful. While your pet may not enjoy this process, it is necessary for its well-being. This may include bathing, brushing, nail trimmings, and flea/tick removal.

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace is a great pet insurance company that offers coverage for dogs and cats of all ages. The policies are customizable and have no gaps. Embrace also offers a unique feature called a Healthy Pet Deductible, which rewards pet owners who go years without filing a claim. It also practices a culture of giving back, donating $2 from every policy sold to pet-related charities. Additionally, the company will match any donations made by an employee to charity.

Embrace also offers free medical history reviews. Customers can choose between incurable and curable pre-existing conditions, including diabetes, allergies, and ear infections. They can also select an orthopedic waiting period. In addition, they can customize their policies to reduce the deductible for healthy animals.

The Embrace insurance plan includes benefits for routine care and accidents. It also offers a wellness plan that covers wellness checks. The policies are customizable to fit your budget, lifestyle, and needs. Embrace offers a simple and comprehensive plan that’s easy to use. An embrace is a great option for pet owners looking for pet insurance coverage. You’ll be pleased with the coverage you’ll receive for your pet.

The Embrace policy has an annual deductible, which you choose when you sign up. After the deductible, your policy will cover the expenses. Higher deductibles tend to mean lower premiums. You can submit claims online or mail them in. In either case, remember to include the full vet invoice with all claim pages, including the diagnosis.


The 24PetWatch Best Pets Care insurance plan covers many common veterinary visits and illnesses. It also covers diagnostic tests, rehabilitative therapies, and more. The waiting period for most illnesses is 14 days, and for some conditions, such as parasitic infections, it is only two days.

24PetWatch has four plans that cover a range of ailments and injuries. All four include emergency assistance, and each plan comes with additional benefits. Cats and dogs must be eight weeks old or younger to qualify for coverage. Kittens and dogs older than 12 years may also be eligible for coverage.

While 24PetWatch costs a bit more than other pet insurance providers, the coverage offered is reasonably comprehensive. The plans are customizable, and the website is easy to use. You can get quotes and claim them with just a few clicks. However, 24PetWatch does not offer a mobile app and has no dental coverage. Customers should also be wary of the low yearly limits for lower-level plans. The high-limit plans are also expensive compared to other carriers.

The monthly premiums vary between plans, but the base plan offers a deductible of $100. The higher-limit Champion and Super plans allow you to customize the coverage and deductible levels. These plans also offer microchip registries and lost-pet services. Additionally, 24PetWatch offers a 5% discount on pet insurance. If you enroll more than one pet, you can get an additional 10% discount.


Spot offers a variety of pet health insurance plans to suit a variety of budgets. Its gold preventive care plan covers dental cleanings, wellness exams and deworming; platinum care adds coverage for dental cleanings and wellness exams, flea and heartworm prevention and certain screening tests and medical procedures. Spot’s website is full of helpful resources, including a tool for estimating vet bills.

Spot is a good choice if you want to avoid unexpected vet bills, but make sure you read the fine print carefully. For example, preexisting conditions are not covered. This means that your pet must have been symptom-free for 180 days before Spot began covering their expenses. Also, veterinary exams for diseases related to arthritis will not be covered under Spot.

Natalya joined Team Spot in 2018. She studied grooming at an upscale boarding school and became a Nationally Certified Groomer in 2016. Natalya is a natural groomer who enjoys learning new breed shapes and practicing scissor skills. She also helps clients with their bathing and skin care needs. Her home is full of pets, including a dog and a cat, so she understands the importance of a good bath and skin care routine.

Using Spot’s online application forms, pet parents can easily enroll their pet and get a free quote. The website also features a robust FAQ section and sample policies to help them decide which plan is right for them. Additionally, Spot has a mobile app for iOS and Android that makes it easy to view policies and track claims.


PetCoach is a virtual veterinarian for pets that helps you find answers to everyday questions about your pet’s health and behavior. The site is staffed with verified U.S. licensed veterinarians who provide 24/7, seven-day-a-week advice. The veterinarians don’t diagnose or prescribe medications, but they provide guidance and recommendations for your pet.

It’s owned by Petco Animal Supplies Inc., which is one of the most trusted pet brands in the United States. The company’s pet insurance plans are flexible, offering discounts, additional services, and fast claims processing. Petco began offering pet insurance in April 2017. The company’s newest acquisition, PetCoach, LLC, created the PetCoach app, which was a low-cost service for pet owners seeking answers to their pet care questions. But over time, the app has become a real-world concept store, offering services such as dog walking, veterinary care, grooming, and pet care.

Petco’s PetCoach concept store opened July 17 in San Marcos, California, near its headquarters. The store provides personalized pet products and services, including grooming, daycare, and boarding. PetCoach also offers mobile vet house calls, discounts, and a 24-hour support team.

PetCoach’s services are similar to telehealth for people. You download the app from the app store, set up an account, and schedule your pet’s checkups. Some apps offer monthly subscriptions, while others charge a flat fee for every visit. The vets can also communicate with you via text or email.

Pet safe salt

Using pet-safe salt on your driveway or walkway is essential for winter pet care. The fact is that regular table salt can be toxic to your dog. It can cause tummy upset and even cause seizures if consumed in large quantities. So, when purchasing a rock salt, be sure to find the pet-friendly variety.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s safety, consider a pet-safe salt like Harris Kind Met, which is 100 percent magnesium chloride. This salt is not harsh on your pet’s paws, and it works in temperatures down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it’s safer for the environment than traditional salt. You can purchase this salt in a bucket or 10-pound bag.

If you want to use rock salt on your driveway, you should find a pet-safe salt that is eco-friendly and safe for dogs. Redmond Ice Slicer, for example, is made of natural sea salt deposits and contains 60 different trace minerals. Unlike traditional table salt, Redmond Ice Slicer is safe for your dog’s paws and walkways, and it contains no dyes or other harmful substances.

Another alternative is Cooper’s Organic Paw Wax. This product is organic and is made with organic coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter. It is also safe for your pet’s stomach.

24Pet offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

The guarantee is not available in every state. Some companies offer 30-day refunds and some do not, so be sure to check your state laws before signing up for a plan. For example, Healthy Paws does not offer refunds for its service in New York or South Carolina. Figo also offers a money-back guarantee, but it does not extend to Pennsylvania.

If you are not happy with the coverage, you can cancel the policy within the first month. Some plans require a waiting period of up to two days before you can claim a claim. Embrace Pet Insurance does not have this limit, and it is a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable, quick solution. However, the policy doesn’t allow you to try out the service for free before committing.

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