Best Tips To Prevent Tarnish On Silver Jewellery

Best Tips To Prevent Tarnish On Silver Jewellery

Silver sterling is a metal alloy normally containing 92.5% pure silver and other metal alloys. Because of its malleability and affordability, sterling silver is a popular metal that tarnishes quickly. But it is a kind of jewellery that one can not neglect at all. So, buy Sterling Silver Jewellery Online, take good care of your jewellery, and keep your silver jewellery looking as new and sparkling as the day you bought it for years to come. Generally, Tarnish on jewellery occurs when metal reacts with sulfur, a chemical found in the air. However, soft cloth is the best way to keep jewellery clean after wearing it. Below are some helpful tips for preventing silver jewellery tarnish.

4 Tips For Preventing Silver Jewellery Tarnish

Maintain a Regular Jewellery Wear Schedule

Regularly wearing silver jewellery can keep tarnish at bay, as it rubs against your skin, clothing, etc., mechanically removing some tarnish. Even though it won’t prevent tarnish, it can reduce its appearance of it. You might not like this if you’re one of those unfortunate people whose skin chemicals turn silver-black quickly. You will need to clean your jewellery much more regularly in this case or choose a mixed metal that is less reactive.

Remove Your Jewellery While Showering

Make sure you take off your precious silver jewellery when you shower or swim, whether in a pool or the sea or cleaning your body with chemicals. Taking off your jewellery before using skin care products or applying makeup and then putting it back on after washing your hands is also a good step for preventing tarnish from your silver jewellery. This is because some of the chemicals you encounter while taking a shower can speed up tarnish and can cause other damage to jewellery. For instance, if you wear silver filigree earrings or other silver jewellery, then make sure to take them off while you do makeup or shower.

Take Precautions When Storing Jewellery

Keep your jewellery out of the open air by avoiding jewellery trees or similar storage solutions. As a result, the pieces will quickly gather dust and household grime, and silver jewellery will tarnish much more quickly. It is especially important if you live in a humid climate and keep your jewellery in a bathroom.

The best solution is to store sterling silver jewellery in a container that is dry, relatively small, and does not allow the free flow of air. In addition, humidity-absorbing sachets may help slow down tarnish further if placed in such a container.

The tarnishing of the silver inside your storage container might indicate that the container is unsuitable, and then you should replace the container. Especially there are some plastics that can emit chemicals that accelerate tarnish on the jewellery. In addition to tarnish and grime considerations, make sure that you can keep chains untangled and that metal or gemstone jewellery does not rub against each other, damaging it.

The best way to prevent Sterling Silver from tarnishing is to store it in Ziploc bags. The use of Ziploc bags can prevent sterling silver from tarnishing, provided you seal them tightly. To do this, place the jewellery in a Ziploc bag, close it halfway, and squeeze out all the air before sealing. Ensure the bags you use don’t contain abrasive materials like Mylar or polyethylene. In cases where you find that using plastic bags to store sterling silver jewellery is not practical or you have a larger collection of pieces to store and don’t want your jewellery box to resemble your kitchen drawers, specialized jewellery bags are a better choice.

Clean The Jewellery On A Regular Basis 

Maintaining a cleaning and tarnish removal routine is important in order to prevent tarnish from building up on your jewellery. Regular cleaning will also make it easier for you to clean the jewellery and make it less likely to damage it. Consider scheduling jewellery cleaning at the time of year when the weather transitions from cooler to warmer. During these times, it’s a great chance to update your jewellery collection.

For quick cleaning of your silver jewellery, use anti-tarnish cloths. A tarnish-resistant cloth is probably the most popular way to protect jewellery from tarnishing. Their function is to absorb sulfur and oxygen from the air and to prevent tarnishing. After wearing your jewellery and before storing it away, swipe these clothes over your silver jewellery.

You can also use a silver wash to clean tarnished sterling silver. Although some people recommend baking soda or toothpaste to remove tarnish from sterling silver, both of them are too abrasive. This method can, however, be used for cleaning other jewellery, but not silver. It is best to clean the sterling silver immediately if it has already tarnished in order to avoid further tarnish. Make sure to use a silver wash that is specifically designed for silver jewellery and prevent them from tarnishing. A silver wash will remove the tarnish that a cloth cannot remove. And in the event that this does not work, you can visit a jeweller who has tarnish-removal equipment.


The price of sterling silver is affordable, making it an excellent metal for jewellery. Nevertheless, it is easy for sterling silver to lose its luster and tarnish over time, whether it is from exposure to oxygen, oxidative reactions with sulfur, or your body’s oils. Deodorant, hairspray, lotions, perfume, and bleach can also cause tarnishing due to high humidity levels, air pollution, and contact with chemicals. Silver jewellery should always look like new, so use all the mentioned tips for keeping silver jewellery in great condition. Keep in mind that tarnish is easier to prevent than to remove. So make sure you clean any tarnish immediately if you notice it starting to form.

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