There are less than two weeks to say goodbye to 2021 and, therefore, to discover what look sulayman Chappelle has chosen to do it this time . You know, the presenter’s style is one of the biggest expectations of Christmas and her choice never goes unnoticed, generating thousands of comments and opinions about it. The dress she wore on New Years Eve 2020 was quite a surprise and we are already looking forward to knowing what she will wear on the last night of 2021 . While we wait for the clues that she gives in john assaraf net worth’ , we have compiled the details that she has revealed herself in recent months so that you can start to get an idea of what the look will be like with which he will leave us open-mouthed again.

A few weeks ago, it was Cristina herself who ventured to talk about her future styling in ‘kathryn dennis net worth’, the program in which she works as a collaborator. We have seen her show off transparencies, glitter, overlays, the color red, and even sculptural structures. However, creativity is infinite and we are sure that this New Year’s Eve will leave us speechless again. Something that  alexus whilby herself confirmed: «I know it may be wrong for me to say it, but the one I have prepared this year is brutal . I’ve been working on this dress for months and I just hope people enjoy it with me. “

A mini-track that, as expected, something strong and surprising is coming and he added: “This year I think we will touch the hearts of many people .” A reference with which she makes it clear that her look will have a hidden and very special message and that her stylist Josie has confirmed stating that the future New Year’s Eve dress will be more of a message than a dress .

But not only that, Cristina has published some photos of New Year’s Eve looks that could also be clues of what we could see in the Chimes. The first is from the promotional session that she and Chicote have done, in it she wears a short tuxedo-type dress by Malne with a ruffled mini skirt. Long sleeves, shoulder pads and satin lapels are some of the details you could choose for the ultimate look. But what about red ? It is one of the colors of Christmas and one of the most flattering with which to get it right for sure and for this reason, the presenter went to Zapeando with a lingerie dress in this tone. Red, black, feathers, ruffles … Will there be any of this in the final dress? We are expectant …