Blackheads in summer: avoid them with five expert tricks

More than a feeling, it is a fact: in summer you have more blackheads. Applying and reapplying sunscreen to the face, coupled with excess sweating that mixes with natural sebum, causes pores to clog. That does not mean that you should abandon creams with SPF –don’t even think about it!– or choose destinations with temperate climates to spend your vacations (although it seems like a most appealing possibility); on the contrary, there are beautiful gestures, ingredients, textures, and food supplements capable of preventing and eradicating blackheads in summer. Teresa Minguillán Nieto, a health and beauty specialist at Beldon Beauty, helps us identify them.

#1 Clean day and night

“Cleanliness is essential. Many people do not give importance to it at night and, for convenience, prefer to do it only in the morning. However, sleeping with traces of sweat, sunscreen or makeup is a mistake, since it is during sleep that the skin has the greatest repair power. Using suitable products such as cleansing milk or foam, a tonic that regulates the pH, a suitable serum, and cream, will not only keep the pores clean but the skin will be more oxygenated and fresh in the morning”, Teresa Minguillán tells us.

#2 Use the right ingredients

According to our expert, ” glycolic and salicylic acids achieve deep pore cleansing.” A facial toner that incorporates them will help eliminate dead cells and sebaceous debris, leaving a more beautiful skin where the creams that you apply next will unfold their full potential. On the other hand, Minguillán recommends treatments with niacinamide (such as the one we recommend below): “It is a multifunctional ingredient, capable of regulating sebaceous secretion, soothing the skin and concealing wrinkles.”

#3 Moisturizes not to grease

If you are one of those who stop using creams when your skin is oilier, it is time for you to modify your modus operandi, or you will be feeding a vicious circle. “ Faced with dehydration, the skin provides more oil, giving us that uncomfortable shine”, they point out from Beldon Beauty, although it would also favor the clogging of the pores. Hence, it also advises us to choose oil-free, non-comedogenic formulas. In addition to your usual cream, we encourage you to include a serum like this in your routine, which provides up to ten times more hydration.

#4 Choose light textures

Teresa Minguillán’s fourth premise is “opt for products with light textures, such as the Days of Confidence illuminating serum, with components that provide luminosity and nutrients”. As it is absorbed faster, it is as if it disappears without leaving residues, avoiding the appearance of Blackheads due to excessive sweating.

#5 Take reinforcements

” Nocucosmetics fixes problems from the inside to get results from the outside,” they say from Beldon Beauty. That is why they prescribe Puré Glow Aime, indicated for combination and oily skin with spots, purifying the complexion. “Two pills a day (turmeric and magnesium) calm inflammation and facilitate digestion,” adds the expert. And say goodbye to blackheads in summer.

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