Can You Screen Record in Telegram?


Telegram is a well-known instant messaging service used to talk to friends and family. You may now make voice and video calls on Telegram in addition to text messaging. What would you do to save the great video calls you have with your family? Is there a screen recorder for Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android that can record a Telegram video call? For these purposes, you need to screen record in Telegram.

How to Record Video Calls on Windows Using Telegram

A powerful screen recorder, like TheOneSpy parental control app, is essential for recording Telegram video conferences on a Windows PC. You can record everything using this simple and lightweight program, which doesn’t slow down your computer. It will record the system audio and microphone audio independently or concurrently in addition to the screen without any lag, allowing you to record your own while your friends’ voices easily.

There are also some other sophisticated tools accessible. For instance, the Task Scheduler provided by this software allows you to automatically start or stop the recording. A built-in player lets you see the recorded file after recording, and a video editor lets you modify the recordings.

Telegram screen recording involves capturing events on a phone’s display while an instant messaging app is open. You can observe online messaging chat and emojis, read recipients in groups, capture videos on the phone, keep an eye on Telegram calls, and track video messaging activities. With the use of Telegram screen recorder software, you may observe the target phone using Telegram just as you would on your smartphone. Users can keep up with social message activity by making a series of films on their smartphones and saving them to the dashboard.

Is there a screen recorder for Mac that can record Telegram video calls?

Yes, it is the answer. A user-friendly screen recorder for Mac is also available on the internet. Many highly featured screen recorders are available for people who have never recorded video calls before. In contrast to some professional screen recording software and hidden call recorder app, TheOneSpy software’s user interface is simple, and you can find all the options you need to record the screen while playing back audio.

This program can record the webcam, audio, and screen. TOS can record it in high resolution whether you’re using a computer’s built-in camera or an external camera attached to your PC. You don’t need to be professional to use it because it is simple to export the recording in the format of your choice. After all, this software supports various formats.

Using an iPhone to record Telegram video calls

It is well known that the iPhone includes a screen recorder from the vendor. Although the designed iPhone record is simple, it only provides essential features. For instance, if you need to modify the records after recording the Telegram call, this built-in tool will fall short of your needs.

You require a flexible third-party screen record in Telegram in this circumstance. Similar to the powerful desktop recorders previously described, these apps enable simultaneous recording of your iPhone screen, speech, and camera. It provides you with options to split, crop, and add music in the background to the videos for editing.

A Technique for Online Telegram Recording

When utilizing Telegram, the best option for customers who do not wish to install additional software on their devices are to record the video call to use an internet application. TOS is a feature-rich internet recorder among all of those optional recorders. A window will open when you launch it from the Internet browser and prompt you to select the best recording option for your requirements.

You might not be able to play the file immediately on your computer if you use one of the online screen recorders that can only output the recordings in an Html file. However, the output format won’t be a problem if you use this online resource to record your display because you may download the recorded video in either MP4 or GIF format.


Due to Telegram growing popularity, more individuals are utilizing Telegram to conduct video calls. However, many users could find it challenging to record video calls on various platforms. Although the Telegram app lacks a built-in screen recorder, you may still film Telegram calls using multiple other apps. First, depending on the system you use to operate Telegram, you need to be aware of what you genuinely require. Next, choose a compatible recorder to study and test. Then you may record it and make it function. It will allow you to handle your Telegram call records more effectively.


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