Common CPA Services Needed by Businesses


CPA experts like Eide Bailly performs a range of financial reporting and auditing services for a variety of industries. They can also assist a company in setting up its cash flow model, developing employee compensation plans, and providing advice about mergers and acquisitions. These professionals also implement accounting systems to minimize a company’s tax liabilities. These services are needed by businesses of all sizes, from small to large.


A business can benefit from auditing its financial records. This process can produce more accurate financial statements and improve internal controls. It can also give a company peace of mind, knowing its financial information is free of fraud. Some businesses even want to have an audit done once a year to maintain confidence in their numbers.

This service helps governments, businesses, and other entities allocate resources more efficiently. It also ensures that decisions are in line with national and local laws. Many large companies face issues with the accuracy and reliability of their financial statements. This is because mistakes can happen in the preparation of financial statements.

Internal Control Design

Effective internal control systems provide reasonable assurance of an entity’s financial reporting. These systems evaluate the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control processes and identify, prevent, and detect errors. They also improve operational efficiency and help an organization achieve its mission. The emphasis of a properly designed system of internal controls is on detection and prevention.

The design of internal control systems varies according to the size and complexity of the entity. Smaller companies often use less formal means to meet internal control objectives. For example, they may need a well-defined set of accounting procedures, sophisticated information systems, or an independent board member.

Business Formation

There are many benefits to using a business formation service. Some of these services provide free services, while others are more expensive. Some of these services focus on one type of entity, such as an LLC or S corporation. They will also guide you on what entity type is right for your business.

These services offer online business formation for an affordable price. The first step is choosing a state and a plan that includes EIN and LLC services. Depending on the type of business you want to form, you can choose from various package options, with some services costing as little as $49 per business. Some companies charge more for extra services, including business website creation and registered agent services.

Representation Before Tax Authorities

A CPA is a professional who can assist you with various tax issues. These services include representation before tax authorities, drafting correspondence, and negotiating payment plans with tax authorities. A CPA can also draft legal defenses for you in court if necessary. These services can help you understand the tax system and how to deal with tax authorities and the courts.

A CPA can become involved in a conflict of interest if he represents both parties to a tax case. For example, the CPA might provide personal financial planning advice to individual partners in a partnership and represent both spouses on a joint tax return. This conflict can make it difficult for the CPA to maintain his independence.


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