Comparison between cPanel vs plesk, which is the better option

cPanel Vs Plesk

In this blog, you get to know the basic facts and comparison between cPanel vs plesk, and you will be able to choose the best panel.

First, you need different services to manage and maintain your website when you own a website. You can grow your business effectively in this digital world through these services. You can get these services from a web hosting provider and make your site effective. The web host provider provides you with many great benefits for your site. They know all the fantastic tactics and techniques to control or manage your site. They have the most popular web hosting control panels that provide high-quality functionalities and organized interfaces for your site. So, when choosing a web host or control panel, many questions arise. Budget and server parameters are your top priority, and you want complete control of your server, so you need to choose a control panel for your site. But you are stuck between two control panels, plesk or cPanel. So, the first thing you should decide on is which panel is best for you. The subject of this blog is a comparison between cPanel vs plesk, and you will be able to find the best for your site.

What are cPanel and plesk?

cPanel and plesk are two of the very famous web hosting control panels. cPanel has Linux based graphical interface and is compatible with only Linux web servers. In contrast, the plesk user interface is just like the WordPress panel, and plesk support both Linux and Windows servers. The main comparison between cPanel vs. plesk lies in their interface and the web servers they support. They provide high-quality functionalities and organized interfaces to manage, host, add email addresses, or clean your database. Therefore, the comparison between cPanel vs plesk will be helpful for you to choose the right option for your site. cPanel and plesk are the most popular and exciting online hosting services. They have separate functions to create and manage websites, databases, accounts, and many more. So you choose the one who best suits your needs or business.

Vogue of cPanel vs. plesk:

Without any hesitation, in many cases, cPanel is more in vogue than plesk. Many hosting companies use cPanel server management for their file management interface. With cPanel server management, you can perform significant actions from a user-friendly dashboard instead of operating complex commands. cPanel is used in different hosting plans like shared, dedicated, and managed WordPress. But in some cases, plesk server management is better than cPanel because plesk lies in both Linux and Windows interfaces.

On the other hand, plesk support for CMS, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal is not limited to a specific platform. Suppose you have experienced working with web hosts, so you know the interface of both panels. Therefore, once you see the comparison between cPanel vs. plesk, you can easily select either cPanel or plesk to handle your server management. You can also choose the right host with a great experience in one of them.

Remarkable comparison between cPanel vs plesk:

cPanel develops a domain and hosting account in a brief time. On the other hand, over 50% of the top worldwide service providers use the Plesk Control Panel for their sites. These control panels can run more than 10 million websites and applications. Now it’s up to you to choose whether the cPanel vs plesk platform is right for you.

Now, we consider some factors & comparison between cPanel vs plesk:

User interface:

cPanel UI

cPanel lies in a graphical interface, and for Linux, that manages every section very well. Files, databases, accounts, domains, security, and apps are organized in different areas you can see on the cPanel dashboard. The main features of cPanel are:

  • It is a graphical user interface
  • Managed features properly
  • Customize your dashboard as well

Plesk UI

The Plesk control panel is just like the WordPress admin panel, and it is easy to use like WordPress and very user-friendly as well. The main plesk server management features are:

  • User-friendly and reliable
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • It lies on both Linux and Windows hosting

Plesk Security:

Security is the primary concern of any web user. Plesk supports many security extensions, and you get the security extensions, both paid and free versions.


  • Get excellent security within 24 hours
  • Secure your domains by configuring DNS
  • With one click, turn on SSL for all your websites with plesk security.

cPanel Security:

You get the most famous security extensions from cPanel. For example, you get the automatic installation of an SSL certificate, IP address, and password-protected systems.


  • Quickly deploy SSL certificates across your network
  • Encrypt all messages
  • Get multi-factor authentication

Plesk operating system:

  • It runs on multiple OS, and these include:
  • Cloud Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows server
  • Amazon Linux

cPanel operating system:

cPanel runs only with Linux. However, it can run on CentOS, Amazon, and Cloud Linux.

Plesk Backup:

Using password security, you can secure your tactful data in your backups. You can also schedule backups as you want. These backups can be stored in the internal plesk storage or external FTP storage.

cPanel backup:

Saved all your information in disk space and did incremental backups that used hard links to save disk space. It offers daily, weekly and monthly backups at your convenience you can do backup. It saves backup files to the backup directory.


Plesk and cPanel server management are critical, easy-to-use, and user-friendly interfaces. It helps you run your site efficiently and manage, monitor, and maintain your site. Navicosoft provides you with 24/7 certified server management that includes flexible and reliable features for your site. In addition, they give you excellent services that help you to grow your business.

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