Desigual adheres to the sustainable initiative “Roadmap to Zero”

Desigual reinforces its commitments in terms of sustainability. The popular Spanish fashion firm, a global brand that is positioned as a benchmark within the industry at an international level, and which tries to defend a more ethical and environmentally conscious model through its participation in several different initiatives, has just signed its adherence to the Roadmap to Zero. An ambitious program promoted by the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) foundation since 2011, whose ultimate goal is the elimination of all harmful chemical products from the value chain linked to the fashion and clothing industry.

With their adherence to this initiative, in which more than 170 international companies and groups linked to different areas linked to the clothing industry are already participating, including suppliers of chemical products, manufacturers, and brands such as LVHM, Kering, Adidas, Burberry, C&A, Hugo Boss or Levi’s, Desigual is committed to adopting and implementing all those solutions that guarantee that the best practices are being followed to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving “zero discharge” of chemical products into the environment. A purpose for which the ZDHC Foundation has been reviewing and updating the requirements for the treatment of wastewater that contains potentially dangerous chemical products is to identify those specific activities that the groups and companies adhering to the project must follow to continue eliminating the dangerous substances that continue to be part of their supply chains. Being in the spirit of this initiative to go a step beyond the parameters and standards that can be demanded from companies, to accelerate the transition towards a safer, more sustainable, and more respectful production chain with people and with the environment.

“We firmly believe that the challenges of the textile industry can be addressed through collaboration with reliable and involved partners”, which has already led Desigual to present its motto “Love the World”, which “summarizes our objective to be a better brand every day”, explains Clara Delmus, Desigual’s product manager, throughout some statements sent to us by the same Spanish multinational. To that end, he adds, “the commitment to sustainability throughout the entire supply chain is a very important part of how we want to do it”, and “adherence to this initiative is one more step on our way to achieving a product increasingly sustainably.

A transparent commitment to sustainability

Desigual’s adherence to this new program, which will imply its commitment to implement all this set of recommendations and requirements that mark by the ZDHC Foundation, follows the different agreements that Desigual is also trying to carry out in terms of sustainability carried out in response to your participation in initiatives such as the Fashion Pact, the Better Cotton Initiative, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), the Textile Exchange, or the Sedex ethical and sustainable initiative. A series of projects in which the Spanish multinational participates, in which it entails a sum of commitments to which it is obliged to respond, and in which it must ultimately crystallize in the commercialization of more sustainable and ethical designs, from the point of view of both design and manufacturing.

“For Desigual, each garment is a challenge to which we want to provide added value, and this involves paying attention to the conditions in which it is designed, produced, and distributed to minimize its impact on the environment,” Delmuns points out. this regard. “We continually improve processes and invest in innovation throughout the product life cycle,” he points out, while in parallel they participate and have “the collaboration of entities such as ZDHC to promote transparency and sustainability throughout our supply chain”, an essential requirement to clear any sign of bad practices and “greenwashing”.

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