DIB Loan for Non-Listed Companies – Apply Now

The Dubai Islamic bank is one of the best Islamic banks in the UAE, which is busy in fulfilling the financial needs of the Arab people. This bank is suitable for all those people that are not interested to take loan at high rates of interest because of their Islamic upbringing.

Because Islam is rigorously restricted to taking interest and in UAE majority is Muslim, therefore many people in UAE try to avoid such banks. Today our major concern is about the DIB Loan for non-listed companies.

So first of all we need to know the exact concept behind the non-listed companies of UAE. Also, we need to know the relationship between these companies and loan from banks here in UAE. The non-listed companies are those companies that are not automatically included in the documents of the banking system due to their good reputation.

Therefore bank will not give them loan of any kind with full protocol plus full benefits. Because it is the policy of banks in UAE that only listed companies are capable to enjoy the protocol and other privileges of with loans. So let’s find out some more things related to this concept.

Explanation of the Non-Listed Companies

The non-listed companies are of many types and these can be on a low scale or can be on a high scale. But the main thing is that, such a company is not gained a good position and it didn’t play a crucial role in the finance market. Because when a company gained a good position in the market with high-quality products and got good demands on those items.

So, it means that the company is generating good revenue and can pay the monthly installments on regular basis. Therefore, that company will be included in the documents or lists of the banks in UAE. That addition of a company is usually known as a listed company.

Vice versa, if a company does not fall into the specific criteria of a listed company, so it is called non-listed company.  DIB loan for non-listed companies will not allow such companies to enjoy their extra rewards and privileges including loans.

Because when a company is on the list of bank, that means the bank will give the loan to that company without much investigation and verification. There are much more benefits that will be provided to such a company from the bank side.

DIB loan for non Listed companies

This bank is giving loan services to the non-listed companies on same pattern as they give to other normal single entities living in Dubai. The process is as simple as you think, now the bank will treat such company same as other locals and expats of UAE.

The main thing is, the DIB loan for non-listed companies will be provided simply and formally without any protocol. Such a company will have to fill out the form to take a loan from the bank and will have to attach several pieces of evidence.

Those proofs will be related to their company and work experience with monthly and annual income slips. DIB will allow the loan on a minimum salary range of 5000 AED with 48 months of time duration. The total amount of loan for the normal person living in Dubai is up to 4 million AED.

This is for the citizens of UAE that are living here for many years but in the case of non-residents, the amount is not the same. The expats of UAE can get the loan service from DIB with a total amount of 2 million AED. The installment-paying method is so simple and understandable for everyone.

Features associated with the Listed and Non-Listed companies

  • The difference between Listed and non-listed companies is the good market value, good revenue-generating capacity and a huge strength of labor. These are the major qualities of companies that lead them into the documents of banking networks in UAE.
  • If you want to check about your company that it is on the list or not, so you should visit the bank or ask bank via calling on their numbers. You can also check by yourself by using the internet facility.

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