Dragon Ball Z – Now on sale the new official watches of the Swatch brand series. There are 7 different ones!

You will hallucinate with the new Dragon Ball Z watches from the Swatch brand, personalized with your favorite characters!

What a week we are having with Dragon Ball Z, fans can be very happy. Not only is the series back on television, thanks to Comedy Central, but new products are constantly being launched.
Yes, Dragon Ball Super is hitting hard, and thanks to this mark Goku and his friends are unstoppable throughout the world, a real success. However, many continue to idolize the Z stage, so when companies bet on this brand, fans go crazy.

In recent years we have seen very important brands collaborating with Dragon Ball Z, launching official shoes, skates, motorcycle helmets… But something was missing to finish the job, and we already have it here.

Indeed, as you have seen in the headline, we are referring to the new official watches in the series! But first, let’s take a little game of FortnitexDragonBallSuper (yes, in the famous multiplayer game, they decided to bet on Super instead of Z):

Now yes, the moment of truth has arrived. In the gallery we have prepared below, you can see the seven different watches released from Dragon Ball Z, thanks to the Swatch brand. Each one is focused on a character from the series, with a design according to each warrior due to its symbolic or chromatic characteristics.

In this way we find the models of Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Gohan and Mutenroshi . What a successful selection; everything is said! Of course, the watches will not be cheaper, since their prices range between €80 and €130, a little joke. Behold!

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