e-Learning training provider for Health and Social Care

When talking about e-Learning training providers for Health and Social Care, there are many training providers that are available to improve your Learning and Development strategy. Some providers will be armed with well-structured e-Learning courses which will support all your current systems whilst providing you further resources to increase your Learning and Development offering. Most will provide an all-in-system, called a Learning Management System which will hold courses, reports and many others features.

When on the look out for a new training provider, you should be aware of the options and how your organisation can benefit from a Learning Management System, known as an LMS.

What is Learning and Development in Health and Social Care?

Within an organisation, there will be a Learning and Development plan or strategy, this can affect how staff are on-boarded and how their induction is set out. This can also have an impact on how staff stay engaged with refresher training to help with staff retention across your organisation.

More than often, a Health and Social Care organisation will have their own courses, policies and procedures which will align with their vision and mission. Some organisations may inhabit a manual process in which their staff and teams complete training and this is stored in a variety of ways. This can become a manual process and several hours of admin time spent on updating and completing documentation to prove this for compliance.

What does e-Learning look like in Health and Social Care?

In Health and Social Care, there is mandatory training which means Health and Social Care workers are required to undertake adequate induction training and annual refresher training to ensure they remain up-to-date with regulatory requirements. These training courses within a care home commonly include:

·        Health and Safety

·        Fire Safety

·        Equality and Diversity

·        Infection Prevention and Control

·        Manual Handling

·        Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Awareness

Once these courses have been allocated to a social care worker within a Learning Management System (LMS) these can be revisited through workshops, workbooks and e-Learning to keep an individual’s Care Certificate up-to-date.

How can e-Learning Providers support?

An e-Learning provider should be able to support your Learning and Development needs by providing your organisation with the ability to incorporate e-Learning courses to support mandatory training. This could be offering interactive e-Learning courses as part of your LMS or providing your organisation with the tools to upload your own e-Learning. One main advantage of a good e-Learning provider, is that the e-Learning is often accredited, engaging and interactive. These providers will combine e-Learning courses and an intuitive LMS which will allow your health and social care organisation to deliver a Blended Learning approach, which involves a range of different learning types, from workshops, face-to-face training, distance learning and e-Learning courses.

In conclusion your organisation should be looking for the best and most relevant e-Learning which is supported by the correct LMS to suit your organisation. Many organisations will have different requirements based on size and number of learners needing e-Learning.


If you’d like more information about a Learning Management System to support e-Learning in your health and social care organisation. We provide with over 100 CPD accredited courses which cover mandatory training and the Care Certificate. We also support Blended Learning and will happily talk though your requirements to see if we can support you. please visit us on https://www.mylearningcloud.org.uk/contact/book-a-consultation

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