Engineering education in India: a deep dive

The progress in Indian engineering education is fueled by the growing demand of the nation. The country is expanding in terms of commerce and infrastructure. Something impossible without adept engineers at the helm of things. Thus, the demand for adept engineers is increasing with each passing day. After emerging unscathed from one of the most devastating pandemics in human history. India is experiencing a growth boom in all sectors. Now more than ever, well-trained engineers are in demand. If humanity is to survive, the future must be a more efficient time. And this efficiency can only be guaranteed by adept engineers. The engineering education sector in India coexists in a mutually beneficial manner with the contemporary industry.

Why now?

In 2022, India is witnessing an era of explosion in commerce. New ventures are sprouting all over the country, opening up a plethora of opportunities for Indian engineers. The education sector is also experiencing rapid growth. Due to both indigenous and foreign demand and skill development opportunities, an engineer in 2022 can diversify with ease. Engineering courses in India are designed with this notion of diversification in mind and good colleges tend to concentrate on diverse skill developments. Students from MAKAUT, IITs or AKTU Colleges are the most ideally trained due to the exposure they get due to a plethora of factors like infrastructure and vicinity of the industry. Thus it is recommended to choose the university with caution while judging a plethora of relevant factors.

What are the opportunities?

In computer sciences

An engineer in 2022 is expected to learn the basics of coding and computers during their first semesters. This little session before moving on to specialization is key for this diversification. Any engineer from any stream armed with relevant skills and prowess can get employed as a computer scientist. Computer scientists just a couple of years ago used to depend on outsourced work from client western economies. But now with the emergence of data science as a formidable force, we can see a notable change in career choices. Data is key for success in 2022 and computer scientists are carrying forward this nascent discipline with absolute finesse.

In automation

Automation is helping us get rid of unwanted human errors from the day-to-day processes. And enabling us to lead a flawless life full of security and leisure. Mundane error-prone tasks are being outsourced to AI entities in a plethora of sectors. And in the process, the value of human labor is increasing. AI engineers are thus the most valuable asset that can chart a path through the most precarious times. And in a mostly automated future, AI engineers can help sustain marvelous progress and a sense of security for the entire species.

In logistics

The Indian logistics industry is diverse with all kinds of options for a common traveler. The sector is infested with private and government-funded entities. Following the size of our republic, the scale of logistics is also gargantuan. Thus the maintenance of all these systems is also expensive. Civil, mechanical, electrical, and automobile engineers are thus valuable in the logistics sector. And the newfound dependency on data has made things even smoother for computer scientists. The Indian railways are the largest train network in the world and the metro railways are also growing with remarkable rapidity.

In production

Production in 2022 must be at least partially automated if there is any chance of meeting the demands. And engineers from a plethora of backgrounds are being deployed for an infusion of this efficiency in day-to-day production operations. The process of upgrading and developing a product is extremely data-dependent, and an engineer in the sector is a valuable asset. Engineers passing out from AKTU Colleges are the most ideal candidates when it comes to playing a key role in the production sector. The rich production sectors of Uttar Pradesh create an ideal environment for gaining frontline experiences and developing skills that matter.

In civil

India’s infrastructure is growing with each passing day. And maintaining the same is key to a sustainable future. The demands of humanity are changing and expanding with remarkable rapidity and the country is racing for providing better infrastructure to its citizens. Civil, mechanical, and production engineers are thus essential components of urban and suburban infrastructure planning. And given the rising demands for a more efficient lifestyle, the scope for employment in infrastructure and construction will increase. Thus opportunities for diversification are available plenty in India.

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