10 Most Common Errors of Windows | Tech Guide

It can be very frustrating and disruptive when your windows program has a problem. You might have a company that relies on Sydney IT support to minimize downtime. It is also helpful to know what errors are most common with Windows and how to fix them as soon as possible.

Common Errors of Windows

Here are some solutions to common problems. Windows errors are quite common. It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the problem at first. You could have a problem with your driver or an app that is not working properly. Many people make the mistake of thinking that it is better to reinstall the operating system, in the hopes that the problem will be fixed by a reboot. This may be the right solution for the problem, but it’s better to investigate the cause of the problem than just pressing the reset button each time. Recognize that mistakes are common and work to correct them, rather than taking drastic measures to eradicate them.

The Beep Error

The first sign or notification that there is a problem is when your computer starts to beep more than once. Many systems will give one beep to confirm that your computer passed the power-on self-test. A computer beeping more than once is usually an indicator of a problem. Sometimes, the number of beeps can indicate that your computer has a hardware problem.

Find out what your computer’s model is supposed to tell you. This will help you figure out what the beeps might be telling you.

Insufficient Memory

Another error that you may encounter is your computer telling you that the virtual memory is too small. This means that your memory resources are being monopolized by an application or you don’t have enough RAM. There are two ways to fix this error. You can increase your RAM by adding more chips or increasing the size of your pagefile.

Unhandled Exception

Many programs share memory and other resources with each other. If a program fails to fulfill its request, it will produce an error message that states “Unhandled exception”. This message is likely to be your first step. You can visit Microsoft’s page that lists fatal errors. This will help you to identify the problem and guide you through a solution.

Handling Device Errors

A device may stop working for a variety of reasons. The driver module can be the culprit. You can start by going to Device Manager on your computer and clicking on the properties of a device using right-click. First, update your driver. If this fails, click Device Status to search for the error code on Microsoft’s support website.

The Blue Screen of Death

Most Windows users have seen the blue screen of Death, also known as the bluescreen of death. This error usually occurs when your computer has recently made a change to its hardware or software. It is possible to remove any software that you have recently installed, even if your computer is in safe mode. Freeware tools can be downloaded to help you investigate the root cause.

Blue screen of death

Different Types of Browser Errors

When you search for a website, there are many codes you’ll encounter. The most common response is Error 404. This is a message that tells you that the page you were looking for has not been found. These errors are rarely due to problems with your browser. These errors are more likely to be due to the server that you have pinged. You may get Error 505 or 501 messages. This could mean that your browser is in need of updating or that the plugins are not installed. These plugins will be required to access the content.

Update Error Code

One error code for Windows updates is a common one among Windows users. It is code 0x80070057. This error code has been present since Windows XP’s inception and is often encountered when an update fails.

This problem can be fixed by renaming the SoftwareDistribution directory. Or you might need to modify some registry files. Technical assistance may be required if this is beyond your technical abilities.

DLL files Missing

A DLL message is usually caused by a virus. This happens when your system attempts to execute a program but one of its files is missing. This is the dll file. It should be easy to do this as many file types can be downloaded online. However, you must ensure that the site from which you are downloading the file is reliable. To prevent the missing file problem from occurring again, you can improve your anti-virus protection.

What Are DLL Files, and Why Is One Missing From My PC?

Security Certificate Issues

Your browser will keep a list of trusted third-party certificate authorities. These credentials are checked by the browser when you visit secure websites. If you don’t have the right details, you will be notified that the site may not be secure. This error can often be caused by your computer’s clock not keeping up with the current time and date. This can fix security certificate problems by setting the date and hour to the right settings.


This was a list of common Windows error codes and solutions. It’s great if you can fix the Windows error codes using the solution provided. Most of these errors can be fixed with very little tech knowledge. Regular audits of your software and hardware will help to avoid many problems.


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