Everything You Need To Know About Global Authentication Inc

Have you ever bought something that a celebrity autographed and was not sure whether the autograph was authentic or original? Authentication is critical for many who are collectors of highly acclaimed items or are collectors of authentic original memorabilia. No one would want to buy an item thinking that it was autographed by an original player or a highly acclaimed musician only to realize later that the item is a fake or a copy.

That is where Global Authentication Inc comes in. The company plays a specific and essential role in memorabilia and autograph authentication. It protects the customers and consumers from unscrupulous dealers who would rather sell fraudulent items than go through the burden of looking for original memorabilia.

This article discusses everything you need to know about Global Authentication Inc.

About Global Authentication Inc

If you are new to the memorabilia market, you may be slightly unfamiliar with Global Authentication Inc. and its services. Here is a quick summary of their history and why they would be your best choice.

In January of 2010, Global Authentication LLC first welcomed customers. They provide authentication services for a diverse range of collectibles. Because of their extensive expertise, boundless enthusiasm, and boundless imagination, they have invented many innovations that were firsts in the market, which has helped drive them to the position of becoming one of the most respected companies in the collectible sector. They are dedicated to providing customers with excellent service, prompt communication, and the highest quality genuine product currently available on the market.

Services Offered

The next step to understanding this company is to discuss the services offered. There are two main functions this company serves.

First, the company provides authentication services for all memorabilia and autographed items. The second service the company offers is delegating an official of the company or a company representative to any institution providing autographed items. Members of the company verify the authenticity of the item autographed and the integrity of the autographed item. This service is called Signed-in-the-Presence Autograph Authentication.

Autograph Authentication

The following is a description of how the autograph authentication service works. First, you must submit the object to the company for physical analysis. A physical examination entails a side-by-side comparison of the item and other items autographed by the same individual. Alternatively, they could analyze the ink, medium, or autograph structure.

After doing so, the company provides a label indicating that the item is authenticated. This label is tamper-evident and has a unique serial number related to the authenticity letter. As such, if you have the item and realize that the tag has been tampered with, you can always scan the serial number on the company’s database and be sure that the item has an authentic autograph.

A letter of authenticity provides a comprehensive description of the authenticated item as well as the characteristics of the item upon examination. It allows you to verify with the item you have and know whether it is identical to the one described in the letter of authenticity. Additionally, each authenticated item has a certificate of authenticity that displays unique information and that unique matching certification number for that item. This information will be essential if you want to use the online database to confirm the item’s authenticity. The serial number of the tamper-evident label and the number displayed on the certificate of authenticity must be similar.

Signed-in-the-PresenceAutograph Authentication

As noted above, this service entails a company representative is present when the autograph is affixed on the item of memorabilia. The individual can authenticate that the item has an original and genuine autograph. The company’s representatives are present at many public or private events where celebrities and collectors sign and autograph various memorabilia items. As a result of this, they can authenticate many items. After witnessing the autograph affixation ceremony, representatives of the company provide a Certificate of Authenticity and a tamper-evident label. It allows you as a customer to verify whether the item has valid autographs. In doing so, all customers are protected.


The services provided by the company are pretty extensive and reliable. As such, if you buy a collectible item from any field, including sports and music, you can rely on the services they offer to ensure that the items you have at regionals and authentic autographs from the celebrity. Additionally, the database they provide, available for any individual who wants to check the autograph’s authenticity, is publicly available. It ensures that you can always verify the authenticity of their autograph before purchasing an item. Finally, for online purchases, the company’s relationship with eBay and other online marketplaces ensure that any item of memorabilia placed on the website has a certificate of authenticity, thus ensuring that consumers are protected.





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