Everything you need to know about Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting – If we have to give certain qualifiers to intelligent Lighting, we can say that it is more sustainable, respectful of the environment, more economical, consumes less, and is healthier. Surely now you want to know more because you should keep reading.

As you know, nowadays, our house can be turned into a smart home with many functions that will be done automatically or to which we will have remote access thanks to our mobile device.

Intelligence has reached many areas of the house, offering thermostats, fryers, ovens, refrigerators, doors, windows, and smart televisions.

All this technology has also been established in what Smart Lighting is, making us discuss many advantages over everyday light devices.

When we mix intelligence with Lighting, we substantially improve consumption, reduce our bills, and offer greater sustainability, durability, and care for the environment.

Let’s see what intelligent Lighting is and what it can be used for.

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart Lighting can be controlled from an external device, either by Bluetooth or WiFi, which has more possibilities than usual, and we can manage as we want.

With this type of Lighting, depending on the model, it can be turned off or on, change color, and intensity, manage a calendar, or even program from our mobile phone, regardless of whether it is Android or an iPhone.

In addition, today, no innovative lighting system is worth its salt that is incompatible with an intelligent assistant, such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. This allows them to be compatible with all devices compatible with it, such as smart speakers, such as Google Nest Hub or Echo Dot, among others.

What is Smart Lighting for?

With intelligent Lighting, we can cover various fields of our house’s light, both aesthetically and practically.

We will be able to give our rooms a touch of originality, color, or intensity. Still, we will also be able to help ourselves since we will see how thanks to the incorporation of LED technology and the fact that we can regulate a series of parameters, our cost of electricity will be lower.

Smart Lighting Saving

All types of bright Lighting currently sold come with LED technology to provide light, so if you were still using halogen systems, the consumption reduction would be substantial.

We leave you a table where you will perfectly understand the level of savings that LED technology supposes in what are, for example, light bulbs.

lumens halogen bulb fluorescent bulb LED bulb
200 18W 7W 3 – 4W
450 9W 9W 4 – 5W
800 43W 14W 7 – 9W
1,100 53W 19w 9 -10W
1,600 72W 23W 10-14W

But not only is the advantage reflected in consumption, but durability is another of the strengths of LED technology.

An LED bulb can provide 50,000 hours of operation, whereas an analog bulb has a lifespan of about 3,000 hours.

Comfort with Smart Lighting

Comfort is another facet achieved with intelligent Lighting since we can manage the intensity to achieve greater well-being.

Circadian rhythms are daily cycles by which our body is governed, in addition to that of animals, plants, and even microbes, depending on light, so intelligence in Lighting can help us not to alter them so that our body is better at all times .

In other words, the most convenient thing is that after dinner, we sit on the sofa for a while; the environment does not have excessive light to maintain our cycle and then be able to have a more pleasant sleep.


Another facet of intelligent Lighting is taking care of those leisure moments.

If you are a real gamer, you will surely love to see how the LEDs that illuminate your room change color or adapt to the music playing through the speakers.

This can also happen in the living room at home; there are even models capable of following the Smart TV image and offering a much more immersive ambient sensation, in addition to performing the same action but with the music playing. Through television,

Some functions and applications allow IFTTT functions, which is a cause-and-effect technology; if I am close to home, the porch and hallway lights will turn on, and if evening comes,s the lights will turn on. Regulate with less intensity, etc.

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