Exploring the World of Stage Rental in Toronto

SP Studios Canada, located at 6030 Kestrel Rd, Mississauga, ON, Canada, is an innovative hub for creative production, providing top-notch stage rental services in Toronto, as well as in Montreal, Vancouver, NY, and LA. This article delves into their state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and the myriad of services they offer, spotlighting why they are a go-to destination for stage rental Toronto.

Unveiling the Stages of SP Studios Canada

SP Studios Canada offers a range of diverse stages suited to different production needs:

  1. Virtual Production Stage: Featuring a 1.9 Pixel Pitch LED Volume, this stage is a marvel of technology, enabling the creation of immersive environments that blend physical and digital elements seamlessly.
  2. Cyclorama: Equipped with an ARRI lighting grid controlled by GrandMA3, the cyclorama provides a versatile backdrop for a variety of shoots, from fashion to commercial.
  3. Kitchen Stage: A fully functional kitchen complete with Miele appliances and granite countertops. Ideal for cooking shows, product demos, and lifestyle shoots.
  4. Shower Stage: Includes a dual running shower, hair wash station, and double-wide doors, perfect for unique film and photography requirements.

Cutting-Edge Equipment Rental

In addition to stages, SP Studios Canada boasts an extensive range of equipment:

  • Cameras: Including the Sony Venice 2, Red V-Raptor XL, Arri Alexa 35, Phantom Flex 4K GS, and Hasselblad.
  • Lenses: From brands like Leitz, Sigma, Cooke, Arri, Angénieux, Atlas, Laowa, and Hasselblad.
  • Lighting: Featuring Arri, Aputure, and Profoto.
  • Grip: Dolly and Jib, Stands, Tripods, Light Diffusion, Accessories.

Their inventory also includes the Oscar-winning Bolt X and Bolt Jr+, adding unparalleled dynamism to motion control.

Virtual Art Department and Unreal Engine Expertise

SP Studios Canada has an in-house team of Unreal Engine experts, capable of transforming creative ideas into stunning realities. They offer previsualization services, using 3D environments to plan scenes meticulously. Their existing library of Unreal Engine assets and environments is constantly expanding, catering to a wide range of creative needs.

On-Location Services and Partnerships

Recognizing the need for flexibility in production, SP Studios Canada offers delivery services for key equipment like Bolt Jr+, Phantom Flex 4K GS, and ARRI TRINITY 2 across Ontario. Their partnership with Ontario Camera ensures access to unique gear, further expanding their service capabilities.

Clientele and Portfolio

SP Studios Canada has collaborated with a plethora of filmmakers and creative teams, as evidenced by their impressive portfolio. Their services have been utilized in various projects, showcasing their versatility and commitment to quality.

In summary, SP Studios Canada is not just a stage rental service in Toronto; it’s a comprehensive production facility that blends technology, creativity, and expertise. Whether it’s for film, photography, or digital art, SP Studios Canada stands as a beacon of innovation in the creative industry.

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