Bachelor of Technology is a course for students who are willing to join the tribe of Information Technology specialists. Today, the entire world thrives on the IT industry. All the latest developments made by the experts of IT help the diverse range of industries to run. All the technical advancements are essential in the modern era for all the nations to walk parallel with each other. Your decision to make a career with B Tech can be one step toward the progress of your own country. To start your career, you can apply to a BTech University in Dehradun.

Major Takeaways

Bachelor of Technology is a 4-year degree program. For getting admission into the course, you must have cleared classes 10+2. The priority subjects for the course in high school should be mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. These subjects evaluate for the specialization you choose with your Bachelor’s program. Various kinds of admission procedures can follow if you are looking forward to applying to the course.

The admission can be direct, based on merit, or a procedure of entrance examination can be apply. Many private universities offer B Tech admission in Dehradun using the procedure of an entrance exam for enrollment. There are various kinds of universities offering courses for B Tech. You can apply to a government or a private college. Advantageous options are available with both kinds of universities. The fee can range from 2 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs dependent on the institution you are applying to. The starting salary of a B Tech engineer can be INR 40,000 to 50,000 per month. The reputation of your university impacts the employer to shortlist your resume.

Specializations with B Tech

As per the records and availability of courses on the official website of the various universities, there are more than 20 specializations offer in Bachelor of Technology. Going for specialization is better than enrolling in the basic course i.e. B Tech. If you choose a specialization, you can target your career and future plans in a single direction. There is a wide range of concentrated programs available under the discipline.

These include- information technology, computer science, agriculture, microbiology, construction and design, electrical, artificial intelligence, food technology, data science, mechanical, robotics, telecommunication, aeronautics, petroleum, automotive, nanotechnology, chemical, etc. Thus, B Tech opens a wide scope for students who are willing to advance in the subject. Every university has a different setup. You can check the prospectus of the individual institution for getting detailed insights about the course. If you are interested in any of the aforementioned specializations then you can find a BTech University in Dehradun that offers these specific subjects.

Options of Studying Abroad after B Tech

Studying abroad is an innovative option for a student of Bachelor of Technology. The universities abroad offer admission to the students who are meritorious. If you are seeking admission to a university abroad after you complete your B Tech then ensure that you are studying in an institution that is approved and recognized by state and national educational boards. Such universities are added to the list of colleges that offer admission to international students.

It is essential to check out the admission criteria for international students in these universities. They offer scholarships to students who have received accolades as a student in their own university. With a letter from the higher authority of your institution, you will stand a better chance to ace the admission procedure with ease. Apply to a recognized university for B Tech admission in Dehradun!


A Bachelor of Technology program is the perfect option if you are willing to design your career as an Engineer. It is better to pursue the course with a specialization to centralize your career approach. With a degree in B Tech, you stand a great chance to contribute to the field of Information Technology.