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The Club de Nuit Intense Man is one of the most popular scents in the men’s niche. The fragrance re-creates the powerhouse masculine scents of the 1980s. Its on-the-nose presentation is very masculine. The scent can also double as a slapjack. Its success results from the company’s ability to find a unique blend that appeals to men and women.

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man

Armaf Club de Nuit Intence Man is the brand’s newest release, released in 2015. This rich and luscious fragrance smells like a high-end cologne, but is priced affordably. The scent is a woody, spicy blend, with hints of musk and vanilla. It’s very versatile and will go with any outfit, from jeans to a suit.

This woody eau de toilette rekindles the flames of desire in its wearer. Its combination of apple, rose, and birch is both sweet and spicy, and enticing. The smoldering dry down completes this wonderful fragrance. The Club de Nuit Intense Perfume Man’s price tag is reasonable, and the scent’s lasting power and soft romantic appeal makes it a great choice for men looking for an affordable cologne.

This cologne is available in a black/gray box that is gently roughed on the outside. It features the Armaf logo on the front of the box, and the name of the fragrance on the back. The inside of the box features information on the brand, fragrance, and ingredients.

Creed Aventus

Whether you’re looking for a manly fragrance or a masculine scent, Creed Aventus has something to offer you. Its Club de Nuit – Eau de Parfum has a smoky pineapple note that’s perfect for a night out. It’s also available in a cheaper version.

Club de Nuit Intense Man is the most popular masculine niche fragrance of the 21st century. It has the classic, powerhouse scent of the 80s, complemented by a sweet, spicy base. It’s a scent that will have you swooning over your date. Its top notes include bergamot, ginger, and cardamom. Its base notes are patchouli and sandalwood.

Despite its price, Club de Nuit has a long-lasting, citrusy scent. It opens with a cool, green fruit, and then gradually shifts into smokiness and musk. While it changes, it stays true to its citrusy, pineapple-like core.


Armaf Club De Nuit Intense has been one of the best-selling colognes in Perfume Elegance, and for good reason. This masculine scent has a bold, yet enticing mix of floral mid-notes and earthy tones. This rich and smoky fragrance is ideal for sophisticated men.

If you’re looking for a scent to wear for your next date, Club de Nuit Intense Man by Lalique is the best choice. The woody, fruity aroma makes this a great choice, and its longevity will last for a long time. It is also a compliment-getter.

Another excellent fragrance for men is Armaf Club De Nuit Intense by Armaf. The scent was launched in 2015 and is made of woods and spices. It features top notes of Bergamot, Rose, and Jasmine, and base notes of Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli. It is available in a limited edition of 105 ml.

Italiano Donna

Armaf created the Club de Nuit Intense Man cologne. The bottle has a mysterious and dark appearance, with a topper made up of diamond-like figures. Its neck is chained with an Armaf tag. The fragrance contains apple, bergamot, rose, and birch woods. It is a fruity, yet smoky scent with a romantic appeal.

Italiano Donna Club De Nuit Intense has a higher concentration than the EDT version. The aroma is similar to Aventus and Creed Aventus. The woody opening and apple pie vibe are similar to the two. If you are looking for a man’s fragrance that will linger in your memory for days, Armaf Club De Nuit Intense might be the one for you.

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