Fun Art Contest and Competition for Children.

If your brand is aimed at children, or you are interested in being able to interact with children and their parents, you will surely consider organizing a children’s konkursy plastyczne at some point. It is a very common action because children love to paint and draw, and because it is an endearing action that will generate a lot of engagement between the brand and the online community. In addition, generating this type of action can help families have that brand as a reference in the purchase process. Here are some tips to develop an online children’s drawing contest.

Keep it simple: use the photo contest

Today we have many ways to share our best moments through a photo and even videos with different themes on konkursy plastyczne; The Internet offers us many tools to be able to share these moments. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are the main social networks that lend themselves to this, and at the same time, it is very easy to use this hook to make your company known in the online world.

Dare to organize an online children’s drawing contest, and that the contestants can participate through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, collecting all the drawings in the same application. You just have to create a photo contest and ask parents to upload a photo of their children’s drawing. They will be able to upload it directly to the your site by completing the registration form, or you can also define a specific hashtag so that they can link the photo of the drawing from Twitter or Instagram. Make a contest where imagination, creativity and art are rewarded, and raffle among all the children a prize that motivates them!

For example, here we have this solidarity drawing contest for the All the participants raffled off a scooter and, for each drawing, a glass of milk was given to those most in need.

They organized a children’s drawing contest with voting. The 5 most voted drawings won a prize. The theme of the contest was very interesting, and that is that the boys and girls had to draw the best-known ancient tree.

Show all drawings in a gallery

Does your brand manage the sale of any children’s product? Do you want to retain your customers like konkursy plastyczne, and most of them are parents? Organize a children’s drawing contest where your brand is shown in a relevant way, even if the prize or theme is not exactly your product, but something that motivates children. As soon as the parents upload the photos of the drawings, they can be displayed in a public gallery so that they can be shared, commented on and voted on, if applicable. Even so, we recommend never giving the prize directly to the most voted. Use the votes only to boost the contest and spread your brand and initiative more widely with the kids, and when choosing the winner, there is a broad selection criteria. For example, all drawings with at least 5 votes. Parents will surely be so proud of their children’s work that they will share it with all their friends, so your brand will get good exposure online.

Fill your business with entertainment

You can also propose to future contestants that they physically visit your business as a requirement to participate. For example, the excuse may be the fact that you provide the necessary tools so that the little ones in the house can draw in an area enabled in your store with: special sheets for drawing, colored pencils and markers, tables and chairs… So you can generate more visits to your premises and get closer to potential customers.

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