Funeral Vs Celebration of Life: What You Must Know?

The number of families choosing to hold ceremonies that celebrate the personality and life of their loved ones has increased in number these days. A perfect alternative to the traditional funeral ceremony is a celebration of life.

Celebration of Life

Celebration of life can together family and friends to pay honor to the deceased person, just like a traditional funeral. Celebration of life creates an uplifting atmosphere that shows the memories related to your loved ones. The main advantage of the celebration of life is, you will have the freedom to display the personality, passions, and values of your loved one. In order to plan for the celebration of life in the best way, know about the passion and other important things when he or she is still alive. Doing this can help you avoid doing guesswork when planning for the celebration of life.

Celebration of Life Vs Funeral

Celebration of life and funerals are ways for families to their love and respect towards their loved ones when their loved ones pass away. Many people think that celebrations of life are the same, but there are so many differences between them. Looking at the differences, you must decide, which one to choose for your loved ones.

In general, traditional funerals involve following common customs and rituals. It can be called a well-structured ceremony. People who need a sense of spirituality can choose traditional funerals instead of a celebration of life. If you want to plan everything the way you want, choose the celebration of life. Basically, this kind of ceremony can contain anything that your family feels is fitting to honor and symbolize your loved one. The main purpose of the celebration of life is to tell the attendees the story of the deceased one.

How to find the best caskets?

Celebration of life can be done even weeks and months after the deceased has been cremated or buried. On the other hand, the traditional funeral takes place within a couple of days after the death for burial purpose. For the funeral, you need to choose the best casket. Approach the sellers like Trusted Caskets, if you are looking for the best caskets for your loved one.

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Look at the caskets for sale online and you will truly get amazed. If your loved one enjoys listening to music, arrange live music at the time of the celebration of life or funeral. Similarly, if your loved one likes sports, plan for a sports theme at the funeral.


You can choose the attendees to see the body in casket, if you wish to. But in this case, you must choose the open caskets. If you do not want visitors to see the body, go for the closed caskets.


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