Golden Corral Buffet and Grill

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at Golden Corral every week. The private restaurant chain started in 1973 and has more than 500 locations.

Includes a variety of everything you can and barbecues on the fire, serving you various hot and cold dishes, cutting table. Do you also plan to enjoy the endless buffet at Golden Corral with your friends and family during lunch?

But one thing that bothers you is the time to eat at Golden Corral; what are you not sure about? Don’t worry. In this article on our timetable blog, we’ll give you the answers to all the queries you’ve been waiting for.

After a lot of work in the morning and afternoon, everyone wants a delicious meal for lunch. Remember, your lunch should be tasty and contain just the right amount of nutrients to give you the energy to go to work for the next few hours.

In this sense, the Golden Corral is a unique destination. Provide endless self-service to customers. Lunch at Golden Corral includes:

  • Their all-you-can-eat soup and mixed vegetable platter.
  • Signature sourdough rolls.
  • Locally made pastries.
  • Decadent frozen yogurt.
  • Signature carrot cake.

If you regularly dine at Golden Corral, you know the company is serious about taking care of its customers. A Golden Corral restaurant is where you can enjoy a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner and feel good about the experience.

Golden Corral lunch prices

Generally, Golden Corral’s lunch prices and hours are from 11 am to 4 pm; Lunch Buffet. $11.49. Senior Lunch. $10.49.. See what time Golden Corral starts serving lunch and what time Golden Corral stops serving lunch, and plan your visit to expect a good time.

Golden Corral prices for adults

Breakfast is $8.69 at Golden Corral. Golden corral prices for adults are $11.49. Senior Lunch. $10.49. per person and Dinner Buffet. $16.49. Senior Dinner. $14.49.    It is common for dinner to begin at 4 pm on any given day. You will be charged $2.19 and $11.99 for the beverages.

How much is Golden Corral’s price per person?

Golden Corral price per person and timing.

Monday to Thursday (4 pm – Closing) $13.49/person

Friday and Saturday after 4 pm $14.49/per person

Sunday after 11 am $14.49/person

Special offer for early booking for seniors (Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm): includes drinking $8.49/person.

The prices you see above come from Golden Corral. Keep in mind these prices may not be accurate if the restaurant has raised prices recently. To get the most updated information, it would be best to contact Golden Corral directly.

The hours of operation of other businesses and shopping centers help influence Golden Corral’s meal hours. Therefore, the most brilliant solution will be to always check the lunch hours of your local Golden Corral restaurant before visiting Golden Corral, which can be done through their official website.


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