Google Search Results You Shouldn’t Trust

There are certain Google Search Results’ that we search for, which we should trust with droppers. Let’s see what they are.

The fastest, most powerful engine that practically everyone uses every time they want to search for something on the web is Google.

We will have an infinite number of results, although many of them have not been verified by the search engine itself, so we could say that these responses may contain information of dubious origin or credibility in some cases.

In recent times Google’s algorithms have indeed improved substantially, but even so, there is still incorrect or quite doubtful information in the results that the search engine shows us.

That is why some topics require great caution when dealing with and reading them, since they may contain information that is not realistic or contains errors.

Let’s see what are those issues for which we must read with caution and with a lot of common sense.

Google Search Results on Medical information

When we are not feeling well and we have certain symptoms, Google Search Results can be used to move from a state of uncertainty to another of tranquility, since we will know the extent of our pain.

In any case, all this self-diagnosis may contain information that is not true or does not conform to the reality that each person lives. I mean, fever is one of the symptoms of cancer, but that doesn’t mean you have it.

For this reason, these medical websites must always be treated with great caution, so as not to enter into strange obsessions that may lead to concerns that are most likely unfounded.

Strange theories

Another topic that we must stay away from in Google is that of strange or conspiracy theories.

Many websites talk about these issues without any knowledge or proof, with the sole purpose of getting users and clicks to earn money, but without any basis to corroborate everything they say.

We are not talking about those pages where different types of myths are shown, such as Bigfoot, but we can include in this type of pages, those that claim to have proof of their existence (to give you an example) and that governments they try to hide it for a series of interests of all kinds.


The religious issue is another which we can use Google Search Results to get all kinds of information about it, with websites that talk about their respective religions without bothering anyone and without any type of radicalism, they only serve as inspiration to continue with our own beliefs, something legitimate.

The problem is when it falls to the extremes since you will be able to find websites where the ideas and veracity of these are quite retrograde and even offensive to all those people who do not accept this type of theory.

Google’s algorithm tries to fight against radical or racist websites, but some can slip through, so our filter should be the one that works best, since religious themes can become a thrown weapon between people, we should always stay away from this type of information that only seeks confrontation and discrimination.

Google Search Results of Chemical products

When we are dealing with chemical products and we have some kind of doubt, resorting to the Google search engine does not seem like the best of ideas, since the slightest mistake can be fatal.

Google is known to host a wide variety of conflicting data, and deciding which one to trust can be challenging, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge to form an informed opinion.

Like medical platforms, chemical sites do not have access to their circumstances, environmental properties, or knowledge, so they may not be websites that do not serve us much, but rather the opposite.

Google Search Results on Financial advice

Finances are something very important for anyone since we are talking about what will mark their livelihood.

That is why it does not seem too smart to mark the financial issue based on websites that we find on Google, especially if our knowledge in this regard is limited.

Yes, we can get advice via the Internet from companies specialized in this subject, but this case is different from entering websites about which we know nothing more than what they have written.


The issue of news is something that has been emphasized for a long time by the general and more traditional media.

The so-called Fake News has been news, worth the redundancy, in multiple tabloids of various media, both online and traditional, since they have been the order of the day, even, as some believe, helping to win elections.

That is why we must be careful where we read the news since we must always use common sense in this type of content, especially if we do not know the website that Google has shown us in the search we have carried out.

Google Search Results on Product Reviews

Many of us look for the reviews of the products we are going to buy as an important part of this process to know the opinion of others who have already purchased it. In any case, one thing we must be very clear about is that not all reviews and recommendations should be blindly trusted.

While some sites post unbiased first-hand reviews, a large number of websites are run by affiliate marketers trying to get rich quickly.

It is clear that Google processes thousands of queries every second and is one of the best inventions of the Internet, plus the algorithms have improved a lot. But even so, we must be careful and not trust everything we read on the net, especially in the topics that we have discussed.

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