Harlan Umbrella Academy: What Are His Powers.

With its distinctive and alluring plot, The Umbrella Academy, a Netflix original series based on the comic book series developed by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, has taken the world by storm. The show centers on a gang of superheroes who were all adopted by a billionaire named Sir Reginald Hargreeves and were all born on the same day. The Hargreeves family has grown in popularity with viewers, and Harlan is by far their most intriguing member. Harlan, a young child with strong telekinetic skills, has emerged as the series’ main character. This essay will examine the persona and function of the Harlan Umbrella Academy.

Who is Harlan?

Sissy Cooper and Carl Cooper, who live in Dallas, Texas, are the parents of Harlan. The Hargreaves siblings go back in time to the 1960s in the second season of the show, when they run across Harlan and his mother. Sissy, a housewife, is dissatisfied with her marriage and turns to Vanya Hargreeves, who is experiencing amnesia at the moment, for comfort. When Vanya and Sissy start dating, their joy is short-lived because Carl finds out about their connection. Born with a hole in his head that makes him suffer seizures, Harlan is a unique child. It is later discovered that Harlan has telekinetic powers, which enable him to control objects with his mind.

Harlan and Vanya’s Connection

Vanya Hargreeves, also known as Number Seven, becomes close to Harlan when she discovers his telekinetic abilities. Vanya has had a tumultuous life, having been ostracized by her family for most of her life and only recently discovered her own powers. She sees a kindred spirit in Harlan and is determined to help him harness his abilities. Over time, Vanya and Harlan develop a strong connection, and Vanya becomes like a mother figure to Harlan.

However, their bond becomes complicated when Vanya’s powers begin to affect Harlan. Vanya’s uncontrollable powers begin to transfer to Harlan, causing his telekinetic abilities to become stronger but also putting his life in danger. This results in a rift between Vanya and Sissy, who blames Vanya for putting her son’s life at risk. Ultimately, Vanya realizes the danger she poses to Harlan and decides to sever their connection to protect him.

Harlan’s Abilities and Significance

The Umbrella Academy’s second season features a key narrative involving Harlan’s telekinetic skills. He is one of the most powerful characters in the series thanks to Vanya’s talents having been transferred to him. Harlan has such powerful psychic powers that he is able to mentally move entire lakes and forests. The season’s climax, in which he unintentionally saves the Hargreeves siblings from the end of the world, likewise heavily relies on his powers.

Yet, Harlan’s talents have a price. He has started having seizures as a result of his connection to Vanya and her abilities, which puts his life in danger. The show poses moral dilemmas around the accountability that comes with having such great talents and the potential repercussions of employing them.


In The Umbrella Academy, Harlan is a fascinating character whose narrative journey gives the show depth and complexity. He is an essential member of the Hargreeves family because of his telekinetic skills and his relationship with Vanya Hargreeves. The show examines the repercussions of having strong powers and the responsibilities that go along with them. Harlan’s character is evidence of the show’s aptitude for developing rich, engaging characters that connect with viewers.

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