Do you remember the last time that you were in a hotel? Most probably, you did not make use of a traditional key. Instead, you were handed over Hotel Key Access Cards that look more like credit cards.

For some quiet time now, the hotel industry has been an innovator. The most notable aspect in this industry is the shifting away from lock and key to digital access control. Have a look at this guide to find out why these types of Plastic Cards have become so popular in the hotel industry and are a premier solution to control access and hotel security in hotels.

What are Hotel Key Access Cards?

Hotel Key Access Cards are alternatives to the  metal key that offers guests an effortless way to get into their room by making use of the distinctively assigned Key Cards given in the reception.

The system of the traditional lock and key is now gradually getting lost. And, hotels have been one of the first industries to push towards this system of keyless entry.

In these types of Plastic Cards, when the card is in the radius, the data is scanned by the card reader. Not only can you unlock your room with the help of these cards but also you can get access to other guest areas such as the pools or gyms.

Components of Hotel Key Access Cards:

Have a look at some of the key components of Hotel Key Access Cards.

(1) Card Assigner: This part of the system is directly linked to the computer in the reception. When you check-in, it allows the empty Plastic Cards to be assigned for the particular room assigned for you.

(2) Key Card: Key Card is where the data is stored for the time being and scanned whenever you get into your room.

(3) Door Reader: Are you wondering how the scanning of Key Cards takes place to permit access to your room or other guest areas? Whether or not you can enter by the data on your Hotel Key Access Cards is determined by the reader.

(4) In-Room Power Device: These types of Plastic Cards are so designed that they can provide power to your hotel room. Just near the front door of your home, a small card slot is placed where the cards are generally inserted.

Working Principle of Hotel Key Access Cards:

Well, the core concept is pretty simple. Scanning of the digital key takes place on insertion or close proximity that grants access to your room.

With the help of a simple example, let’s try to understand how the process actually works. This will give you a better understanding of how these types of Plastic Cards actually work in hotels.

Step 1: Guest Checks in:  Whenever you arrive at a hotel, first you go to the reception for check-in. As soon as you reach the counter, the receptionist will get hold of the Hotel Key Access Cards and begin the process.

Step 2: Key Card is assigned: These cards are blank Plastic Cards that are assigned door unlocking privileges at the concierge or front desk. On the digital system, the key card will be linked to your room with the help of a keypad that is attacked to the computer. In this way, the temporary data will be transferred onto your key card.

Step 3: The Key Card unlocks your door: As soon as you reach the front door of your hotel room, you will typically do one of the two things: either you will tap the card against the reader or slide the card into a card reader.

Whichever method you follow, the card will be scanned, the data will be read, and then the door will be unlocked, granting you access. You can also hear the mechanism unlocking and it would normally take less than a few seconds for the whole process to be completed.

Step 4: Cards provide power: By making use of the little reader next to your door, the Hotel Key Access Cards actually provide power to your room. This is a green initiative taken advantage by the hotels to minimize their power usage, thus providing a secondary usage for your card.

Step 5: Card Reset when you check out: When you check out of the hotel, these Plastic Cards are wiped again so that they can be reassigned to a new lock and door. Thus, the process is started again for the next guest.

The feature that these Hotel Key Access Cards can be linked to any of the doors in the hotel makes the value of Key Cards much lower and also easy to replace.

Final Thoughts:

By now, you have got a better understanding of the importance of Hotel Key Access Cards in hotels, why wait?  Shift towards digital security methods away from the traditional lock and key system.