Hotel towels are present in a hotel in bulk and over time they get dirty when they are used by the guests in hotels. So bulk beach towels also have to be washed regularly so that their condition does not worsen day by day. The hotel supply store provides the best quality of the hotel towels but maintaining that quality is the responsibility of the hotel.

Hotels have to make several efforts to keep the good quality of the towels intact so that they can be used for a long time. And this way the Lenin expense of the hotel will also not increase.

How To Keep Towels Good in Housekeeping?

Many steps should be followed to keep the towels from getting ruined and these ways are as follows:

Gentle Handling

Whenever towels are being taken for the laundry and back to the rooms, they should be handled very carefully by the staff. The towels should be in a way that there is no pressure on them because if pressure is applied to them then they can get teared. And also, the pressure can damage the quality of the towel fabric.

Normal Temperature Water in Washing

The hotel towels should be washed at normal temperature because neither hot water nor cold water is good for the hotel towels. Hotel towels lose their fluffiness when they are washed with extremely hot water. After that, they will not appear as soft as they used to be and their comfort level of them will also decrease.

No Hard Soap

Hard soaps or detergents should not be applied in washing the hotel towels because hard soaps can damage the fiber of the towel and then the towels will appear very lousy. Soft detergents or liquid detergents should be applied so that they do not affect the quality of the hotel towel and the towels remain soft and cozy.

Air Drying

Towels should be hung in the sunlight to dry. Because if the towels are dried in the washing machine, then they will tangle with each other and the fibers will get pulled resulting in the stretched and bad towels to use.

This way the towels will get bad and the hotel will have to invest in a new one very soon. This is why hotels should always try to hang the towels in the sunlight to dry them so that hotels do not have to suffer from the loss.

Sanitize all Button & Switches:

Identify all controls in the room that includes, including light switches, appliance dials, and electrical buttons. Hundreds of hands have touched these controls when guests stay at a hotel and eventually the remote controls become the dirtiest item. Just use a cleaning brush to get in between buttons and switchboards with a light mixture of water and rubbing alcohol.


So, the above were the secrets of housekeeping that every hotel should follow so that they keep their towels good and healthy for a long time. These methods will also allow the users to take advantage of the hotel towels and also get comforted by them.

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