How Biometric Technology Can Help Improve Your Visitor Management System

Premises like schools, hospitals, and government offices must remain under high security to prevent unwanted entry. While it is impossible to bar everyone from entry, there needs to be a system that only provides access to authorized personnel.

Companies must consider moving to biometric technology to manage visitors as the world gears up for a major technological shift. They can accurately help in the effective management of visitor entry while keeping the workplace safe. Here is more to learn about biometric technologies and how they improve visitor management.

Cloud-Based Biometric Solutions

Biometric technology no longer relies on in-house hardware, which is found inefficient in maintaining visitor records. With such manipulation, crucial data could get lost. Luckily, cloud-based solutions make it easier to store data that is accessible from various locations. Visitor management teams can update records and track visitors over time.

Eliminates Need for ID Cards and Printers

Premises still using traditional visitor management systems must print ID cards constantly, run kiosks, and conduct system maintenance. This system means having a full-time team of personnel to update visitor information and hand out tags. It is different from a biometric attendance device that only requires visitors to provide their fingerprints and names, which the system updates. As a result, the company will save money to run maintenance and issue ID cards.

Secures and Simplifies Check-In Process

Sometimes visitors need more time to verify their credentials before being allowed entry. At the same time, unauthorized guests might find their way in by forging documentation. A biometric attendance device makes the check-in process easier and secures the company. The KENT CamAttendance is AI-powered to strengthen premise security by only allowing real humans. In addition, it can scan photos and deny entry.

Easy Integration to Existing Systems

You can integrate biometric technology for visitor management into different systems that already exist in the organization. These include fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, and key card systems that you can connect to the cloud. In addition, the system can connect to a mobile app that captures and uploads critical documents like passports and driver’s licenses into the database. For example, the KENT CamAttendance SaaS Bundle is ready for deployment on your available devices can also visit for more tech tips and tricks Blog.

Blocking Problematic and Unauthorized Visitors

If a visitor becomes problematic, adding them to the watchlist or restricting entry is easier. Authorized personnel will access the systems, revoke their visiting rights, and clear their fingerprint database. The company, thus, can avoid unwanted guests showing up. The KENT attendance punching machine price is also competitive for all organizations.

Pre-Registration of Visitors to Make Check-In Easier

Companies without biometric technology will constantly have to authorize visitors anytime they check-in. In this situation, the visitor must provide their identification and write down their name before entry. Cloud-based solutions have provisions for pre-registering visitors and keeping their details in the database for future reference. So, the next time an individual goes to this place, they only need to use their fingerprints to enter. With a system like the KENT CamAttendance that allows touchless identification, it can only identify faces already in the database.

Improving security by controlling the number of visitors in your workplace can greatly enhance productivity. Biometric technology adds an extra layer of security  assuring safety for everyone.

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