How Much Does It Cost To Transfer A Number Plate?

Number plate transferring procedures and cost always depends upon to which you are transferring. Meanwhile, you can transfer the number plate to a retention certificate or another vehicle.

In this article, we’ll share procedures and fees for both; retention and vehicle transfer. So, whatever situation you are in would be navigation for you. All you have to do is, stay with this article and be good to go.

Let’s get into this.

Transferring Number Plate Costs

See the costs for transferring number plates to retention certificates and vehicles below.

Transferring to a Vehicle

Let’s first discuss what you’ll need to do for this transfer. According to the government rules, you should have the V5C – log book of the vehicle you will transfer the number plates, along with your V750 & V778. Interestingly, you don’t need to get into complex procedures while doing this. In fact, you can do this online, and the forms are available at DVLA’s site.

When it comes to the fee, you have to pay £80. The fee includes MOT records, tax updates, and much more. Get more information and expert advice on this by connecting with Bespoke Plates, an authorized manufacturer of 3D number plates UK.

Transferring to a Retention Certificate

This number plate transfer will allow you to have ownership of that particular registration number while not having this on any vehicle. It is mostly adopted by people who are going to sell their vehicle and don’t have any plans to purchase a new one for years. They can transfer the number plate to the retention and get the certificate to hold this for 10 years.

The fee is the same for this, which will be submitted to the DVLA. Apart from this, we mentioned a great source below, providing excellent navigation regarding the number plate transfer. In fact, you can get plate manufacturing services too.

Check everything about it below.

Bespoke Plates – Get the 3D Number Plates UK

Although several sources are present operating in the UK, we mentioned only Bespoke. This is because they are so efficient and professional in offering the services you need. They are also always open for great discussions and provide better guidance and response.

Pay attention – if you’re confused about their legitimacy, you can search them on various social media channels and see how people positively review them and provide great testimonials. It’s proof of their legitimacy. Meanwhile, you can easily trust them!

Here are some core features of Bespoke Plates making them a great choice:

  • They are well-reputed and popular among natives offering excellent manufacturing of various plates.
  • Bespoke has an experienced team of representatives who are always there to serve you with the proper guidance and response. Meanwhile, they are always open to discussions.
  • They have a flexible pricing structure, so you can easily afford their services.
  • They always use excellent materials during plate manufacturing, following rules and instructions by the government.

For more information regarding services and to have great discussions, connect with Bespoke Plates. Indeed, you will be provided with an immediate response without any delay.


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