How To Have a Fantastic Mattress With Minimal Spending

Shopping for a good-quality memory foam mattress or other variants can be incredibly stressful as it involves a considerable amount of investment and is one of those products in the home that has the most impact on the overall quality of your daily and nightly life. 

As there are so many distinct types of mattresses, trying to filter down your choices by quality, comfort, and cost can feel overwhelming. Whether you intend to buy mattresses online or offline, opting for Centuary mattresses or other branded options is a good idea. 

Let’s take a look at some of the crucial factors that you need to consider before buying a mattress:

Go for an affordable mattress not a cheap one

We all love good deals even when we want to buy mattresses, but a cheap model does not always mean acceptable quality. Low-cost sleeping pads are likely to be made out of just one piece of foam that provides very little support. 

And they will not ensure a good night’s sleep. The cheap sleeping pads aren’t designed to last, either. Such build quality makes them a wrong choice as they’ll require replacement more frequently, ultimately costing you more money.

What should you do instead?

Best Centuary mattress and other numerous reputed brands offer budget-friendly mattresses. Even though they aren’t expensive, they will still provide a stable and comfy experience.

Be aware of the sleeping positions

We all move around during our sleep to some degree; however, most of us typically have one or two sleep positions we are comfortable in. Some of the popular sleeping positions involve resting on the stomach, side and back, or it can be a combination of all these three.

The most common mistake made by buyers when shopping is to buy mattresses that are not suited to their preferred sleeping position.

What should you do instead?

  • Back sleepers generally enjoy resting more comfortably on a medium-firm mattress, which keeps their spine in line, and hybrid Centuary mattresses also work well for such sleeping habits. 
  • Stomach sleepers should consider an innerspring Centuary mattress or a hybrid variant with a high coil count, which provides solid support to keep hips and shoulders aligned.
  • Sleepers who prefer to rest on their sides put an enormous amount of strain on their joints, which is why they need to opt for a memory foam Centuary mattress that can provide adequate comfort and pressure relief.

Be aware of the firmness levels

While firmness can be subjective, there are still some basic guidelines to follow when it comes to body weight and selecting the right mattress without experiencing the feeling of sinking too deeply. If you don’t pay attention, you could be left with a bed that’s too soft or too rigid for you, and it won’t help your body in the right way.

What should you do instead?

  • If you weigh less than 68 kg, it would be an ideal choice to opt for a soft Centuary mattress or a medium-firm Centuary mattress, provided it comes with a firm cushioning support on the top or a comfort layer. 
  • For those who weigh between 70 kg to 91 kg, a medium-firm Centuary mattress will provide excellent support for the whole body.
  • If you weigh more than 91 Kg, consider opting for a firm Centuary mattress with springs and coils paired with dense layers of foam and top it with a layer of pillows if the need arises. This will ensure that you stay adequately supported.

Be aware of the mattress types

Another common problem is not having a proper understanding of the various types of mattresses. You can find three major types in the market; however, you must be aware of their speciality to select the most suitable one for your requirements.

Innerspring Mattresses are the most conventional type of mattress. This variant comprises coils covered by a few layers of good quality comfort material. That can range from natural fibres, latex or foam. You can find various types of spring mattresses in the market with different layouts. And coil types to achieve desired effects.

Innerspring mattresses generally offer the most vital edge support and responsive feel. While resting on an innerspring mattress, the spring coils will push back against you; this characteristic makes the mattress bouncy. 

Memory Foam Mattresses were first designed by NASA-funded researchers (temper foam) in the 1970s. Memory foam mattresses offer different levels of support and softness. Depending on the combinations of multiple-density foams used for manufacturing the product. 

Even though memory foam is one of the most popular types of foam mattresses. There are several varieties to provide distinct benefits. Memory foam mattresses can be an ideal choice if you are a side sleeper or suffering from joint pain. 

It effectively absorbs the motion of restless sleepers and makes no noise (due to the absence of springs). Compared to innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses are more durable.

Hybrid Mattresses feature a combination of different materials and include layers of foam and spring. Hybrid mattresses can be ideal for those whose requirements fall in the middle. Of what foam and spring mattresses can offer. 

This mattress brings the best of both worlds. It is softer than spring mattresses without the “sinking” feeling of a memory foam mattress. Without compromising on the back support. 

It provides pressure point relief and does not make any sound like the spring mattresses. It can be an excellent fit for people with different firmness preferences (or couples). And are better at regulating temperature than pure foam mattresses.

The toy store pakistan firm’s project manager said that whether you wish to opt for a Centuary mattress or memory foam mattresses from other reputed brands. Having some basic knowledge about them is important to make a well-informed decision. It might sound like a good idea to visit a local store. To test out a mattress before sealing the deal. 

But in reality, it takes 30 days to 90 days to break in and get used to your new mattress. Hence it would be a good idea to opt for a branded mattress that comes with a trial window. For instance, you get 100 Night Trial Offer with Centuary mattresses for extra peace of mind.

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