How to pair up bespoke couple rings with coloured diamonds

Choosing an engagement ring is a tasking job and often the most time-consuming experience when planning a wedding. Many couples go for off-the-rack to save the time and sometimes because something caught their fancy well. But there are couples who are hard to please they look for personalization and unique things.

Bespoke rings have gained immense popularity as a result. But the downside of getting a bespoke ring is the time. You will have to finalize the design at least three months ahead to ensure you have the ring within time. Moreover, if you are looking to a famous and popular store, you may have to give them even more time to create the design you want. Often the simplest bespoke design to choose is having coloured diamonds. But they can be tricky to pair because colours can be inconsistent. Read on and find out few tips to get the perfect pair.

Go for conventional and common colours

Though there are many rare colour varieties which may look very appealing to you, the best way to ensure you find the perfect pair of engagement rings is going for common colours. Royal blue, yellow, pink are few such colours which are as widely available as the traditional white diamond. Hence, finding the perfect pair with such colours would be easier. On the other hand, rare colours like light green are so uncommon that finding another ring with exact same stone gets tough.

Keep the band design complementary

Sometimes finding the perfect pair of coloured diamonds get tricky. But that does not mean you will end up with mismatching engagement rings at the ceremony. Get complementary band design with the same time of metal which moves the focus away from the stones. If there is a slight disparity in the colour of the diamonds, no one will notice it when the bands complement each other.

Go for lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are artificially created in controlled atmosphere. Even coloured diamonds are created in same manner. The best part about such diamonds is, exactly same hue of diamond can be developed in the lab. So, you can easily get bespoke rings in pair with the exact same stone. Such rings are also comparatively affordable than organic diamond rings. The beauty is not comprised either and as a result, you get ideal designs which make the perfect pair.

Go to a reputed jeweller

Reputed jewellers who have been in the business for many years will have more experience and collection. As a result, you will have larger choice for stones for a bespoke ring pair for the bride and groom. Moreover, such jewellers have built their reputation based on their ability to satisfy the client’s needs. You can rest assured that your requirement for a pair of bespoke rings would be met with commitment and passion without compromising on the colours and clarity of the stone. Hatton Garden Jeweller and stores are the wisest choice for this purpose, if you are in London.

Bespoke rings are unique and with colour stone, you can create one-of-a-kind design. But it also must complement your partner’s ring which gets tricky when colour stones are used. Keeping in mind the tips shared above, you can ensure you find the best rings.

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