How to Play Roblox on Now GG?

Roblox is a web platform on which gamers not only play different games but by using their skills with different available programs can also create their own new game and these games can be played by other gamers on this platform. This is because Roblox is different from the other games available in the market. To play this game you don’t need to do downloading an app. You can easily open your web browser and by going to the official website of Roblox you can play various games. To know more about Roblox read this article till the end. In this article, you will know how to play it and other different factors that you need to know about Roblox. 

How to play? 

    1. Open your web browser and type roblox, the website of roblox 
    2. Open the game page and a list of all games will appear in front of you on the screen
    3. Now click on the roblox game
    4. Press play in the browser option
    5. Login with your login information and if you are using it for the first time then sign in

Why does Roblox get blocked?

Sometimes in some places, the server does not allow you to use Roblox in that case you get blocked from using it. This happens to many people and we have a solution for this also. 

How to unblock Roblox? 

To Unblock roblox use VPN. By using this it will change your location information on the browser and with it, the connected server will allow you to play it. Sometimes in the school when a student wants to play roblox, on the school computer but cannot play it because sometimes some websites are restricted by the school authority. To unblock Roblox on the school computer use VPN and unblock Roblox. 

Is Roblox safe? 

Yes, roblox is completely safe to use. Parents do not need to worry about their children playing roblox if their children are above 18. It will not have a bad impact on your children and your device data is also safe while using it. 

Why should you be above 18 to use Roblox?

You should be above 18 because some games may contain adult contents that a child can not understand and can have a bad influence but if you are 18 or above then you know what is right and wrong for you and things will not influence you badly. 

Is it a Free Platform?

Roblox is a free platform for everyone where you can create and play different games free of cost. 


  1. Add friends and can chat with them anonymously
  2. Roblox support all kind of devices
  3. Parental control is available
  4. Strong privacy settings are available for the users 
  5. Report abuse option is there
  6. Provides a social and interactive environment 
  7. 40 million games available
  8. Gives a chance to improve coding and programming skills 
  9. A free platform to use and can invite friends to play

What to do if your Child Who is below 18 Wants to Play? 

If your child wants to play then create an account in your name and the control should be in your hands. You can use parental control features and can block different activities on Roblox. Open a game that is suitable according to your child’s age and sit with him to make him feel like you want to play with him. 

These are all the important things you need to know about Roblox. If you are curious to know more then there is other information in detail that is available on the Allneedy website.

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