How to Screen Record on iPhone

How to Screen Record on iPhone – It may be that you need to record your computer or smartphone screen, for whatever reason. Well, you shouldn’t worry, since this task can be carried out without problems as iOS is your operating system.

It may be the case that you absolutely need to record the screen of your computer, your phone, or your tablet, for various reasons, such as that you are making a video tutorial to later post on YouTube or a presentation of some kind for your work.

The first impulse of almost all users is to take advantage of third-party apps to try to perform this action. What is perhaps unknown is that, for example, Windows has its own way of recording the screen, since this utility is anchored in Game Mode.

How to Screen Record on iPhone

Recording the screen of an iPhone or iPad is quite easy, which is to be appreciated.

We just have to click on Settings, then on Control Center, and then on Customize controls. Once there, we will see how a green icon with a plus sign appears, next to the Screen recording.

Now we see what we want to record and we slide a finger from the bottom to the top, to then touch Record (circle with a dot inside), at which point the countdown will begin before starting the recording.

If you have an iPhone X or later or an iPad with iOS 12 or iPadOS, you’ll need to swipe down from the top right of the screen.

At the moment that we have finished, we only have to touch on the time indicator in the upper left part and click on Stop.

As you have been able to read, all the main operating systems at the moment have a way of recording the screen, something that can be of great help in certain circumstances.

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