How to transfer photos from your Android mobile to a computer

Android Mobile – We are going to see how we can transfer the photos that we have on our Android smartphone to a computer, regardless of whether it is a Windows PC or a Mac.

All of us who have a smartphone have replaced it a long time ago with the digital camera that served us years ago to take the photos we wanted.

The truth is that, when buying a mobile phone, we all look at the photography section, precisely because of what we have told you in the previous paragraph since it is our device to take snapshots of our day-to-day.

Once we have the photos taken, we may need to transfer them to our computer, either because we want to see them on a larger screen, as a backup so that they are not only on the smartphone, or because we need more space in the internal storage of our mobile.

Be that as it may, transferring photos from an Android mobile to a Windows PC or a Mac is much easier than you can imagine, having several ways to do it.

Index of contents:

  • Using a USB cable
  • Using Bluetooth
  • With Google Photos

Using a USB cable

Possibly the simplest and easiest way to transfer photos from our Android Mobile to a computer is to use a cable.

The most widespread is to use one that is USB Type C on one side and USB Type A on the other, although the most advisable, in terms of transfer speed, would be Type C on both sides.

The operation is extremely simple:

  • If we have a Mac, we must install Android File Transfer. If our computer is Windows we will not have to do anything.
  • We connect the phone to the Mac or PC using a USB cable that is needed.
  • We unlock the phone and go to the notification tray.
  • We must touch the notification that mentions the USB.
  • Once inside we must choose the Multimedia device (MTP) option .
  • Now we must go to the computer and enter the unit opened for us from our smartphone.
  • We explore their folders to drag and drop the photos that we want to transfer to the computer from the DCIM folder.
  • When we have finished, we extract the phone from the operating system by disconnecting the USB cable

Android mobile transfer Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth can also be used to transfer the occasional image, which is not advisable when we have to transfer many photos since the whole process is much faster with the cable.

The good thing about this system is that we will not be waiting to connect or not cables, making it more comfortable.

The process for sending files over Bluetooth is slightly different on macOS or Windows, although it’s easy in both cases.

Set up Bluetooth on Mac

We are going to have to configure the Bluetooth of our Mac before we start transferring.

To do this we must perform the following:

  • We open System Preferences.
  • We click Share.
  • We select Bluetooth Sharing.
  • We return to the main system preferences screen.
  • We click on Bluetooth.
  • We need to make sure that our Mac shows up as discoverable. You’ll find it under the Bluetooth logo.

Configure Windows Bluetooth

If we have a computer with Windows, the way to perform this same task is also very simple.

The steps are the following:

  • We open the Windows Configuration (Win + i).
  • We click on Bluetooth and devices.
  • Click on Devices and then on Send or receive files via Bluetooth in the Related Settings section.
  • Click Receive Files.

Transfer photos via Bluetooth

When we have carried out the previous steps, depending on whether we have a Mac or Windows, we must go to the Android Mobile to share the photos.

We must do the following:

  • We open the Gallery application on our Android Mobile.
  • We locate the photos we want to transfer. To select several, the usual thing is to hold down to select the ones we want.
  • Now you have to click on Share and then select Bluetooth.
  • It is time to touch the name of the computer since it will appear on the screen, to start the transfer.
  • If we have not paired the devices, we will receive a notice on your phone and computer, which we must accept.
  • Once the transfer is complete, the images are available through File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

With Google Photos

With Google Photos it is easy to be able to take photos on the computer since we have them stored in the cloud. This method can also be extrapolated to other cloud photo storage services that we have.

It is clear that, whether we use Google Photos or another cloud system, we must permit it to save the photos, that is, to make a backup copy of our snapshots.

Since we already have them in the cloud, the next thing we must do in Google Photos is:

  • On the computer, we open the browser that we want and go to Google Photos.
  • We select the photos we want to download.
  • Press the three vertical points in the upper right corner.
  • We click Download.
  • Google Photos creates a ZIP file with the selected photos that we will be able to save on our computer in the folder that we want. As simple as that.


As you have been able to read, sending the snapshots that we want from our Android Mobile to a computer, be it Mac or Windows is extremely simple and comfortable.

You can tell us on our social networks what is your preferred method of sharing photos with your computer.


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