Importance Of Good Research When Writing a dissertation

Research is crucial when writing a dissertation. The importance of good research cannot be emphasised enough since research is central to writing an impressive dissertation. Good research entails problem identification and a systematic plan to address the research issue. It entails setting clear objectives that are feasible and can be accomplished within a limited time. It involves using workable research techniques based on a research methodology that best matches with goals and objectives of the research. The research must produce credible and reproducible results substantiated by authentic data. In the end, the research must provide recommendations for future research and indicate potential topics. This article will explain the importance of good research when writing a dissertation.

What is good research?

Good research entails problem identification that can be a contested or neglected research area. It entails gap identification through a preliminary literature review and highlighting the significance of the research problem for adding value to the literature. It must have relevance to the academic discipline and the overall understanding of the natural and social phenomenon. Good research relies on ethical and robust data and avoids making sweeping generalisations. The research aims to discover and arrive at the best possible explanations for any particular issue or phenomenon. The overarching goal is the pursuit of truth and deriving logical inferences through data collection and analysis. Moreover, it entails falsifying wrongly held assumptions and shedding light on an issue within the contours of reason and evidence.

What are the characteristics of good research?

Research is the mechanism through which research discovers truths or approximations of truth through data collection and logical reasoning. It is largely informed by the scientific rationale that both natural and social phenomena have some governing laws and principles and can be better explained by building causal connections. Identifying the causes and forces behind certain events and happenings helps us decipher human reality. It involves description, comprehension, and analysis of both external and internal aspects of human life. However, even today, the research methods employed by researchers are not perfect enough to provide us with a complete picture of reality. In the past and even today, in some parts of the world, natural and social occurrences are attributed to the whims and wishes of a deity, and authority supersedes logic. Nonetheless, after the Scientific and Industrial revolutions, human beings started pursuing knowledge in a dispassionate manner through observations and rigorous logical analysis. It does not provide the complete picture but still helps us explore and probe deeply into natural and social phenomena.

Writing a dissertation entails keeping in mind the strength and limitations of the research methods. Research is an attitude that takes time to develop. It is a rewarding endeavour, but the process itself is often frustrating and arduous. Researchers often find themselves in positions where the evidence contradicts their assumptions and, therefore, an active dialogue between the researcher and the available evidence is crucial. The task of the researcher is to minimise the biases and provide an objective account of the issue under investigation.

Moreover, it entails understanding the limitations of the research methods and findings. A truth that may seem universal at first glance might not hold under continuous scrutiny, and it is subjected to change and modification in light of emerging evidence. Therefore, good research necessitates an understanding that research results are, at best, approximations and tentative explanations that can be rejected over a period of time.

Change and continuity are the hallmarks of good research; therefore, you must be flexible and open to ideas while writing a dissertation. A healthy dialogue is impossible unless you approach the issue with an open mindset and embrace the dynamic nature of research. You must be ready to shun your preconceived notions about reality and commit yourself to the fundamental principles of reasoning in light of authentic data. Therefore, you must inculcate the characteristics of good quality research to ensure the production and continuity of knowledge.

 What are the criteria for quality research when writing a dissertation?

The criteria of good research depend upon the soundness of its overall research design and methods that can help the researcher arrive at logical truths. Research endeavours differ; not every research fulfils the quality benchmark of objective and reproducible findings. The following characteristics can help you produce good-quality research when writing a dissertation:

Research Purpose

Research purpose or the problem must be articulated clearly without leaving any room for ambiguity. It must provide a clear introduction to the readers about the research issue and why discussing it is imperative. It requires breaking down the issue into its parts, gaps, importance, limitations, and a way forward. Many researchers fail to articulate a clear and coherent research statement, and it gives an impression to the readers that the researcher is not sure of what he is doing. If you need any help developing a strong problem statement while writing a dissertation, you can always take help from expert writers at Dissertation Writing Service.

Research Methods

The research methods must be feasible and realistic and must be justified in light of existing approaches. Moreover, the research methods must be clearly articulated so that other researchers can replicate them for future studies. Additionally, the research methodology section’s procedural aspects must be designed to produce objective results. If there are any flaws and limitations in the research design, the researcher must be honest about it. Acknowledging the limitations is the hallmark of quality research.

Data analysis

Data analysis is the most difficult aspect of research. The data must be analysed with proper tools and using complex reasoning. It must justify the overall significance of the research, and the methods employed must align with the overarching goals and objectives. Data analysis is the backbone of your research and must be done carefully. The findings must be valid, reliable, and consistent with the initial objectives and address the research questions sufficiently.


Quality research seeks to provide objective explanations of reality and social occurrences. Research for the sake of research does not yield any value; therefore, commitment to research and logical reasoning is imperative while writing a dissertation.


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