How to Professionally Paint an Interior Door in Melbourne

Painting an interior door is not only about refreshing your door but also your mood. A door is the first to experience and be seen by people. Painting an interior door gives completely a new and eye-catching look to the room.

So, let’s talk all about how to professionally paint an interior door in Melbourne, Australia.

How to Professionally Paint an Interior Door in Melbourne

Type of Paint to Use in an Interior Door

When you are painting your interior door you can go with eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss sheen. Acrylic-latex paint is suitable for painting interior doors. Do not use flat and matte paint on interior doors.

Generally, a door is 80 by 36 inches long and a gallon of paint covers 350 square feet. So, one gallon of paint is enough for five doors. Today, interior doors are already pre-primed. The bare wood door is to be stained and coated. Do not paint pine doors and wood veneer rather they should be stained and clear-coated.

Tools and Equipment for Painting An Interior Door

The following are the tools and equipment you will need for painting an interior door:

Paint brush, drop cloth, hammer, nail, knife, paint tray, sanding sponge, roller set, drill and screwdriver. And two materials like acrylic-latex paint and primer which is optional.

Well, here, there are two options to paint your interior door and that is either you paint it in place or remove it. Both ways have their pros and cons. Professional painters prefer to remove the door from the hinges. If you think removing from hinges can damage your door and take time then leave it as it is.

As you know removing the door from its hinges can give you access to all parts of the door such as the top and bottom edges and back hinges. Removing doors can help you not disturb the house or office environment. Commercial painting Melbourne offers all types of paint services such as residential and commercial.

Interior Door Painting Instructions Step-by-step

Interior Door Painting by Removing It

Remove all types of hinges and pins attached to the door. With done from all pins and hinges, carefully slide the paint door off. Do not forget to remove the doorknob, faceplate or any other hooks or protectors.

Moreover, sand the door’s back and front with a sanding sponge along with both the upper and down edges. If the door is pre-primed, sanding does its job by scuffing off the primer.

When the interior door is removed, it is time to clean the door using a shop vacuum along with a simple piece of cloth. Now, use the paint brush and paint the bottom and top edges of a door. Do not load up the brush with a maximum amount of paint that can make runs and sags. Also, keep an eye on drips on the door edges.

Note: Do not paint hinge mortises or the indents because they can affect the door swing.

Interior painting Melbourne has a professional painting team who cares about the big and minute things during painting. Also, they offer a variety of residential and commercial painting.

When the interior door paint is finished with the paint brush and the paint is not dry yet, you can use a foam roller. A foam roller is mostly a good option for flat surfaces such as doors.

You can apply a second coat of paint after one or two hours when the paint is fully dry. House painting Melbourne suggests you wait for at least two hours to paint the other side of a door. Waiting for a day is the safest way. Early painting the other side can cause indents. So, be aware of all these hurdles.

Interior Door Painting Without Removing It

Painting an interior door without removing it is a bit easy job but professional painters do not recommend it. As we talked about in the above section remove all the hooks, pins, hinges, doorknobs and other items, follow that step here too.

Now, stretch a door cloth under the door and it must cover the whole area beneath the door. Use a knife to cut apart a painter’s tape. It’s time to begin interior door painting.

Remember, you cannot paint the edges of the paint in this position. Also, paint both sides of an interior door at the same time. House painting Melbourne is famous for interior door painting in Australia.

And that’s it!

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