Invest in the Best Altcoins Before the 2023 Launch

New assets with excellent growth potential are constantly appearing in the cryptocurrency industry. To find the best investment options, you need to monitor promising projects and analyze their key advantages regularly. Therefore, this guide aims to teach you how to buy an altcoin before it launches. That being said, early investors typically have access to floor prices before the project is released to the general public.

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Let’s get started, and here’s why: fundraising is usually required when a new crypto project is launched. This is no different than a typical startup raising money through a venture capital firm or initial public offering (IPO). In the case of altcoin projects, developers frequently seek capital from private investors with a track record of success in the specific field in which the crypto project is involved. After that, the project will conduct a pre-sale launch, otherwise known as a pre-sale initial crypto altcoin offering (ICO). This should not be confused with the main ICO that follows the presale.

ICO and Presales: What’s the Difference?

The terms ICO and presale are often used interchangeably. However, it is essential to distinguish between a “pre-sale ICO” and a mainstream “ICO.”

  • The pre-sale ICO will take place before the main ICO. During the pre-sale ICO, a more limited number of tokens will be available, and the altcoin price per token will often be lower.
  • After completing the pre-sale ICO, which can happen on a specific date or when the hard limit goal is reached, the project will launch its main ICO. This will usually be at a higher price per token compared to the pre-sale ICO.
  • However, the leading ICO typically offers a much larger token than the pre-sale, allowing more investors to participate.

How to find an ICO or cryptocurrency presale in 2023

Finding the right presale or ICO is the most challenging part when learning how to buy altcoin before it launches. After all, the internet is now oversaturated with crypto-centric products and services, and it can be difficult for crypto projects to get the word out to the masses.


The first place to look when trying to buy a cryptocurrency before it appears on the list is Reddit. This social media site is quite popular with blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and is frequently used to talk about new initiatives.

Presale group in Telegram

The following method to consider when learning how to buy altcoin before it launches is to look into specific Telegram presale groups. These communities have been set up specifically to inform members of impending pre-sales and ICOs.

CoinMarketCap’s ICO Calendar

The CoinMarketCap ICO calendar is another option to consider when looking for forthcoming cryptocurrency pre-sales.

Benefits of investing in coins before listing

Lowest possible price

The most obvious advantage of buying a token before launch is that early investors will almost always have access to the best possible price. As we noted earlier, investors in a pre-sale ICO usually receive a lower price than the main public launch. This ensures the investor has immediate upside potential for the altcoins they buy.

Sold-out pre-sales create buzz around ICOs

Another advantage to consider when buying a cryptocurrency before it launches is that a presale often creates hype. In turn, the hype usually discourages the wider crypto community from participating in an ongoing ICO for fear of missing out.

Listings on exchanges and CMCs often increase demand

After completing the pre-sale and public ICO, the project’s next step is to launch its altcoin on a public exchange, allowing the general public to buy and sell the corresponding altcoin. This allows early investors to cash out their altcoins if there is upside potential on the exchange-listed exchange.

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