iPhone and iPad updates are due. IOS 16, announced last month, improves on iOS 15’s Share Play and Focus capabilities and provides more personalization. iPad 16, including Stage Manager, Reference Mode, and a revised Mail app, is also available after a delay.

We cover all the latest iPhone and iPad features and how to download both operating systems below. Our Mac OS Ventura feature list covers all the latest Mac features available on iPad black Friday deals.


IOS 16 ends software support for the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE 2016, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus. IOS 16 may be downloaded and run on iPhone 8 (2017) or subsequent models, including the second- and third-generation iPhone SE. Some functions, including Live Text, need an A12 Bionic processor or later iPhone.

Is iOS 16 compatible with iPad IPads’ illogical naming makes things harder? iPad OS 16 will reach these generations. Follow these steps to identify your model.

  • iPad: Fifth-gen and up
  • Fifth-gen iPad Mini
  • Third-generation iPad Air
  • iPad Pro 11.5″ First-generation iPad Pro
  • 9-inch First-generation iPad Pro


Backup your iPhone and iPad before installing iOS 16. iCloud makes it simple. Select iCloud by tapping your profile picture in the upper right of Settings. Flip the switch to activate iCloud backup. To initiate a backup, choose back up now. On the previous iCloud page is iOS 16 compatible with iPad, you may disable backups for certain applications. If you don’t have enough iCloud storage or prefer another solution, see our How to Back up Your iPhone or iPad tutorial.

Install iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 thereafter. Charge your iPhone or iPad for this major update. Connect your gadgets to Wi-Fi. Select Settings > General > Software Update. Download the update. Tap Download and Install. After downloading, hit Install Now to update the iPhone or iPad. After restarting, the update is complete. Running the update when you won’t use your smartphone takes time.


Apple will release new iOS 16 versions every year with bug fixes, security patches, and incremental improvements. However, is iOS 16 compatible with iPad some versions add new functionality. As Apple releases iOS 16, we’ll add features here. Follow the steps above to update your iPhone.

IOS 16.1

This update adds the Fitness app to your iPhone (without an Apple Watch), a battery % icon that changes with power level, and the ability to disable volume touch control on the second-generation Air Pods Pro. Live Activities let you track scores during sports events, Uber journeys, workouts, and more through a pinned notification at the bottom of your lock screen.

“Clean Energy Charging” on the iPhone, as described by Apple, “reduces the carbon footprint of the iPhone by optimizing charging times for when the grid is using cleaner energy sources.”

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Here are iOS 16’s major new features. Is iOS 16 compatible with iPad Apple OS upgrades will bring more?


With iOS 16, Apple made significant changes to the security screen. In order to protect the aesthetic value of your lock screen image, notifications have been moved to the bottom of the screen. (You are free to revert this!) You can adjust the size, placement, and look of the clock widget by pressing and holding the lock screen, and it creates a fantastic depth effect by cutting behind the subject of your shot.

Add weather, calendar, and activity rings below the clock. Pin some live activities underneath the alerts. A bottom-pinned notification shows NBA scores. Uber trips, workouts, and Now Playing controls may also be pinned.


You may set a lock screen for your Work Focus and another, is iOS 16 compatible with iPad with a more personal picture, for your Personal Focus. Swiping to the appropriate lock screen activates Focus. Safari, Calendar, Mail, and Messages have Focus Filters in iOS 16. Safari’s Work Focus only displays work-related tabs. Apple says developers may use an API to provide these filters in other applications.


Twitter and Apple are finally allowing tweet editing. The Messages app lets you modify sent messages for 15 minutes and five times. For up to two minutes after hitting “send,” you may reverse your action. (The conversation history reflects the insertion and removal of messages.) Marking threads as unread for subsequent viewing is also new.

Apple adds Share Play to Messages. You may now start a synchronized movie in Messages and chat with shared playback controls.


In iOS 16, you may share Safari tab groups like work tabs. Is iOS 16 compatible with iPad you may also get real-time tab views.

Passkeys brings Apple closer to eliminating passwords. Apple claims that Touch ID or Face ID-created digital keys are almost impervious to phishing and data breaches. iCloud Keychain syncs them across Apple devices and applications. Apple is collaborating with the FIDO Alliance on a cross-platform solution for non-Apple users. Passkeys explained.


To make drug tracking simpler, Apple included a Medication tab to the Health app. It lets you add prescriptions and create reminders (and receive them on the Apple Watch). You may manually input these drugs or scan the bottle label using your phone’s camera. Critical, Serious, and Moderate medication interactions are included. Medication logs are available. Family members may see this health data.


Apple is gradually revamping US cities to display better data. The corporation added Las Vegas, Nevada, and six additional locations before year’s end. Other Maps upgrades allow you to add up to 15 stops before your ultimate destination, which is perfect for extended road journeys (and you can set this up on a Mac and send it straight to your iPhone). Public transport users may now view fares, add transit cards, check low balances, and refill cards.

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