Is the SASSA R700 Grant Real or Fake? Debunking the Myths

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides financial assistance to eligible South African citizens in the form of grants. One of the most popular grants offered by SASSA is the R700 grant. In this post, we will address the question of whether the SASSA R700 grant is real or fake and debunk some of the common myths associated with it.

Myth 1: The SASSA R700 Grant

One of the biggest myths surrounding the SASSA R350 grant is that it is a scam. This is not true. SASSA is a legitimate government agency and the R350 grant is a real program offered to eligible South African citizens. If you receive an email, SMS, or phone call from someone claiming to be from SASSA and asking for personal information or payment, it is likely a scam. SASSA will never ask for personal information or payment over the phone or through an email. However, R700 is a fraud and fake news. There is NO such grant.

Myth 2: The SASSA R350 Grant is Only for Unemployed People

Another myth surrounding the SASSA R700 grant is that it is only for unemployed people. This is not true. The grant is intended to provide financial assistance to eligible South African citizens who are in need, regardless of employment status. But keep in mind that you must have either very low income or very

Myth 3: You Don’t Need to Apply for the SASSA R350 Grant

A common myth is that you don’t need to apply for the SASSA R700 grant. This is not true. To receive the R350 grant, you must apply and meet the eligibility criteria. The application process is simple and straightforward and can be completed at a SASSA office. Once applied, you can then check sassa status online.

Myth 4: You Can Only Receive the SASSA R350 Grant Once

Another myth is that you can only receive the SASSA R350 grant once. This is not true. The grant is a recurring monthly payment for eligible South African citizens. However, it’s important to note that eligibility criteria and the amount of the grant may change over time.


The SASSA R350 grant is a real program offered by the South African Social Security Agency to eligible South African citizens, however, R700 is fake. By debunking these common myths, we hope to provide clarity on the R700 grant and help those in need access the financial assistance they require. If you have any questions or concerns about the SASSA R700 grant, it’s best to contact SASSA directly for up-to-date information.

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