Keep Your Eyes Healthy While Using Screens

Our days and nights are spent in front of screens…

All thanks to the technology intervention in our life. From earning to spending, everything has gone virtual. This made us stay on our screens 24/7. Our eyes get dry, and fatigued, develop poor vision and even have eye infections and other complications. All of this is the impact of excessive screen usage.

With all of this, we know that there is little we can do to limit our screen usage. However, with little care, you can protect your eyes from screen damage. I remember when I started working the night shift I developed severe pain and redness in my eyes. My eyes were tired all the time. For this, I went to the best eye specialist in Lahore who gave me some multivitamins, and eye drops and told me some useful tips to prevent my eyes from screen damage.

People can develop sore or irritated eyes due to excessive screen exposure. They can even develop focusing problems. If you are also facing the same issues, then you must be worried about your eye’s health and must be looking for ways to protect your eyes. Don’t worry I have got your back and I’m going to share some useful tips to prevent your eyesight.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Screen Damage?

Here are some of the best tips to protect your vision from the damage of screens.

1- Follow the 20/20/20 rule

Have you heard about this before?

Well, this rule says that you should take a 20-second break after every 20 minutes looking at least 20 feet away from your screen. Following this rule ensures that your eyes are getting enough rest from the screens. You may find it difficult to follow in the beginning but once you develop this as a habit, you will see how this will benefit you in the longer run.

2- Have proper lights around

Many people think that appropriate background lights are not important because the light from the laptop screen is enough. This could be one big reason behind the damage caused to your eyes due to screen use. Make sure to have proper lighting around because it only helps your eyes but also reduces the strain on your eyes. Also, appropriate lighting around will keep your mood light and better thus increasing your productivity as well.

3- Have screen glasses or cover

The idea behind this is to have a hurdle or blocker between your eyes and your screens. You can do this in two ways. You can wear screen glasses on your eyes or you can even invest in a screen cover. This will limit the intensity and amount of light rays reaching out to your eyes directly. The glass on both of them is light proof and filters the harmful light rays from the screen. Screen glasses are a better investment as you can use them in your routine.

4- Do regular blinking

Blink, blink, and blink if you want to keep your eyes healthy with excessive screen use.

Yes, this is because blinking can help your eyes to prevent excessive dryness and irritation. It is a common observation that people who work on screen tend to observe a reduction in eyes blinking to a severe extent. So, make sure to do this on purpose. Try to blink at least 10 times every 20 minutes. This will ensure the proper eye function while you are spending hours in front of the screen.

5- Take work breaks

Sitting for long hours is not only bad for your eyes, but for your body muscles as well. So, make sure to take the necessary breaks during your work hours. Try to walk in between. Also whenever you feel that you have been there at your workstation for long hours then go out for a 5-10 minute run.

Also, try to consume healthy foods that will support your overall health as well as your eyes health. This is because there is a strong association between your eye health and the right kind of nutrients you are taking in. So, to keep your eyes healthy, try to consume eye-healthy foods containing vitamins, minerals, and other components.

Bottom Line!

Your eye health is crucial for all the right reasons. Many things including excessive screen usage can be damaging to your eyes. So, if you want to protect your eyes from the damage of screens, make sure to follow all the eye-health tips mentioned above. Also, you can get eye drops that will keep the eye dryness away which could lead to irritation and itching in your eyes. Further, also make sure to not skip your doctor’s routine checkup as this will help you to keep your eyes on your eye health status.

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